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It was an evening i’m not sure if i want to forget or remember. From the exclusive pizza trip at Naples to an impromptu Pompeii adventure, then avariciously resuming our itinerary plan aiming for Capri, it seems the Neapolitans disagree with our happy plan. Back in Naples, every time i reached out for help; i got rejected by provincials as if i was a nonentity.

While enquiring about ferry tickets to our next heavenly destination heavily manifested in mind, i got into a harangue with the most obstinate ticketing lady i’ve ever met in my life, insolently trying her best to create a subordination of Italians to tourists. The board shows that there are still tickets available, but she refused to sell them telling us to “go to the other side” because we were late.


i headed towards the jetty to see two idle guards looking almost pallid. They too, continued to nettle us with the fallacy of where to get tickets to Capri. Back at the ticketing house, the harangue turned into a reductio ad absurdum situation with the malevolent lady; who continued to challenge me with an almost triumphant look on her face. Why is it so hard to tell us where to buy tickets?

Few beautiful golden hours gone by just like that. Soon we found ourselves stranded at the cruises’ jetty. The whole situation that evening chagrined us deeply, as both arguments and heavy baggages encumbered me into paroxysms of both rage and love. i decided we have to make a scene at the offices. Soon enough, we caught the attention of a man in suit who just got off work. He didn’t speak much, but walked us to the exact spot where a bus would take us to a separate jetty that sells tickets. You’d be surprised that such a simple act of kindness, is close to impossible to find in Napoli.


Few ferries came and left before the right one vouchsafed us to Capri. i sat aloof from the sordid place as the ferry sail us in evanescence and my heart said gratefully “au revoir, Napoli.”


Capri and Naples is like heaven and hell. Upon arriving on the island, grand limousines were readily greeting their guests handsomely. We were brought up gracefully to the top of the hill and into the little cosy alley of our hotel entrance:


It was almost 10 p.m. After checking in and a quick refresh, we headed out in search for the best dinner joint available. Here on, it is all good news, baby! 😀


{a peek into the daintiest church i’ve ever seen}


{more {healthy) journeying, this time by foot}


This is THE restaurant we chanced upon; which i would dine more than once should i have the chance again. Having that said, if you ever make a visit to Capri, please try this one out.


{can you think of a Wifi password stronger than this? 😆 }


The crème de la crème of this post lies here in the heart of Aumn Aumn. Gelato, pasta, pizza . . . how can i possibly skip the experience of indulging in a REAL Italian meal structure? It was our last night in Italy and we wanted to make it right. For your viewing pleasure:


My stomach tried the best she could, but there was absolutely no space left for dolce and caffe. 🙁


Sans the Napoli story, this was how beautiful an evening at Capri looked like. New posts on Capri (and inevitably, more drama on Naples) coming up next. If you like, here are more enchanting posts on Italy:

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