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Photo 195

As a matter of fact, apparently, i give the impression that i have had a lot of boyfriends. Truth is, so far i only had 3 (with 2 in between that barely made it). That isn’t a lot, is it? There is G, and J, then A. J and A happen to be a Jerk and Ass respectively (i love how their abbreviations just fit perfectly). It gives me a good indication that i should stay away from men with names starting with B (i.e. Bernard), or having another Bastard would then be the most painful J-A-B in my life.


From 17th October to 20th January, i experienced a series of 2 breakups. In 2011 with the Ass, and in 2012 with one-who-barely-made-it. The latter was unforgiving, potentially abusive, and probably prays to marry Virgin Mary. i am neither a person who intentionally seeks love, nor a person who closes all doors; so if possible, i’ve made a decision to stay single throughout the dragon year (starts 4th February) to focus on me, save up, and actualizing my ‘Eat Pray Love plan’ (i mean that literally) for 2013. It’s funny when i come to think about it – now is only the beginning of 2012, and here i am impatiently anticipating the snake year… $ ✈ ☼ ♥


So i thought, a good way to start the new year and a new me, is with a new hair do! Spot my bob cut? 😆

Photo 194

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  1. Eh, that dude didn’t make it? What happened to the jewellery? Maybe you should look for someone ordinary and has the hearts for you.

    If you’re gonna remain single in the year of the dragon ( try la,hor? >P ), you’re gonna need a girlfriends to block all those hungry wolves away! >P

  2. wait patiently, the one who is right for u will be waiting for u right in the end. =)

  3. If you believe in love, you should let things flow naturally. Ending one relationship and starting the next one within a split moment is never a good idea. He might just be a replacement and not the right one.

    Why not let your emotion to settle down first or I am sure you will hit your head again? Try not to put a timeline as it will end up with more trouble than already is.

    Be confident in yourself that those who chose to fool you around is making a big mistake in their life. They will realized one day when you climb up there while they are still down here. Trust me on this.. coz I believe in you.

    By the way, i heard there is no snake year next year.. i guess you should start to register yourself in monastery.. 😛

  4. you look gorgeous even with your hair short!

    i dont know what happened and i dont wanna ask more.. so im crossing my fingers for you, i believe you deserve better! xxx

  5. Look at things on the bright side, it’s the start of a new year. Huat ar!
    Btw, like the 2nd photo, the person in the bokeh is beautiful. Keep up the good shots. 🙂

    1. thanks for the support 🙂

  6. The bob make you look sexy XD

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