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7 p.m. i was lying in bed with Spanish for Dummies. i could feel its abundant weight on my lap. i dug out and wore my grey hoodie i got from Supré 2 years ago because it was raining but i still like to leave the aircond on.

determifailtion. my goal today was to study 2 chapters of Spanish. halfway through, as usual, i failed because somehow i tend to end up writing blogging whenever i read. a scene i’ve always considered as epic suddenly flashed by ironically, in a pretty natural manner.


deja vu. i recalled the detailed story of how i met your mother alx and how we came so far. it has always been something quite difficult (referring to the word detailed) but today it happened effortlessly without any major distractions or hiccups.

well anyway, here is what this post is about :

my take on Valentine’s Day? there is nothing wrong with celebrating love, 1 out of 365 days.

usual guys’ take on Valentine’s Day? it’s so commercialized.


half a decade ago, i secretly think guys who said that to me are just finding excuses to be lazy or stingy. i mean, if Valentine’s Day was to be celebrated 5 times a year, i would definitely agree that it is commercialized. but screw you, it’s not!

so as usual, i was making a list of things to do to surprise alx. i swear i must have had about 10. along the way, i noticed my ball pen omitting the bombastic ones leaving it to the simplest 3.


the 2nd was a picture postcard i made and secretly dropped into his mailbox. many times i picked up my pen to write but nothing came out. those words from my heart that i rehearsed so many times in my head – vanished. i felt like i was forced to summarize my love in a 4R sized card, but is my love only that big?

i did it anyway. i crapped and apologized. it was the worst love note i ever written. thank god the picture in front looked bewitching so i made him stick it on his fridge.


alx’s top resolution is to read more this year so i got him this ‘invention’. when we travel i noticed the lights in buses and planes never really work and seeing him read in the dark is a pain (for my eyes too).

frankly. i was feeling fatigue after all that catching up with Ai Rene while alx himself worked till 9. i also ate half a pack of Tim Tam Ai Rene got me on my way to alx’s, hence felt queasy like a piece of chocolate biscuit myself. it was also the 1st day i got my period, so all i could think of was to go home and take a shower after a long day out.

but when i saw his face, of course all that temporarily went away.


surprisingly, alx got me something for reading too! this book is about a love story that took place in Spain. looks like we’re both gonna bury our faces in pages this 2011!

dinner. the duck dish that was supposed to be the restaurant’s so-called ‘signature dish’ turned out to be the saddest Valentine’s dish i’ve ever seen. it was dry like hay and i could barely understand what i was consuming. all i could think of was the fact that my boyfriend, has to pay so much for that shit. i didn’t even wanna order a drink.


cirque du soleil. on our way home we dropped by a new bar (because it was Valentine’s day). the alx i know doesn’t do superficial celebrations like these, but he did it for me.

the TV screens were showing some godamn clowns. was that supposed to be amusing? next to our table was a big bunch of single and drunk ladies screeching in Cantonese, and all i understood was “fuck me!!!” so we left.

home. we were so exhausted we fell asleep on the couch. it was half past midnight when i drove home. i reevaluated what Valentine’s Day actually means and i finally understood something that many not lazy and not stingy men understood –

because with you,


Every Day is Valentine’s Day. ♥

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  1. I think you should be more environmental friendly 🙂 Please off your aircond when its raining next time 🙂

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