A Look into Rooster Year


Because It’s Not Over Yet.

CNY 2017

There are 15 days to Chinese New Year, yet unlike the long Christmas holidays granted in western countries, most of us are back-to-work or even school as soon as the 5th day. É is no exception, so together we returned to Cingapore yesterday. In a solo attempt to still be a part of the festive season, I continued wearing new clothes and even carried a new umbrella, though lunch was only a 5-minute walk away.

As I sat down for a bowl of peppery bak kut teh, such a choice with hope that it’ll make me feel more lively, I noticed at every table, everyone was surrounded by family or friends. Chinese New Year songs played at the background to spice up the mood, but it only made me feel lonelier. I wondered if I’m gonna be the only Chinese soul who has to lunch alone everyday from this day onwards. Slightly depressed, I went home, did 3 round of laundries, got rid of the thick dust that coated our home for the past month, and wept in between.

After lots of overthinking in my solitude, I managed to come to peaceful terms with the simple fact that it is the days leading to any festivity that puts one in higher spirits, while the remaining days after the main celebration, is about a post like this – reminiscing how great the fun, food and company was at an otherwise small, sleepy town. What truly matters is whether one has made the most of it, and I had.

Here are some highlights of our Rooster Year celebration at home; mainly the kitchen because that way you’ll see the genius dishes my mum created, which you wouldn’t be expecting to see! To avoid crowding this entry with too many food photos, I’ve only selected the dishes themed #roosteryear.

Begger Chicken
Begger Chicken

{Rich Beggar Chicken in Gold Liquid}

CNY 2017
Treasure PotGold Nuggets RiceRooster Year Cookies

{Homemade Treasure Pot with Gold Nugget Rice and Chick Cookies for dessert}

Highschool reunion
Rooster YearRooster Year CNY dish

{‘Pregnant Hen’ with Golden Buns and Curry Chicken inside!}

Prosperity Dragon Yong Peng
Prosperity Dragon Yong Peng

{A visit to the Prosperity Dragon at Yong Peng, the world’s longest dragon tunnel}

Rooster Year

{You must admit, that my mum, Chef Moi is a genius!}

I hope you too, had a fantastic CNY break. If you are still on holiday, enjoy the time you have to the fullest. Should you feel bored lingering around your hometown, think of me having bak kut teh alone – it might just get you moving. Following the past week of absence, next I’m taking you to Xi’an, on top of a more constant flow of refreshing content. 鸡年大吉!


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