5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 homely cinspirations that eased my return to Cingapore and opened up my heart to our second home once again, one sweet step a day.

1. Diving into my stash of childhood toys this Chinese New Year

CNY 2017

{because this teddy bear is my very first soft toy, while this bunny was me and my brother’s favorite, questionably named ‘kedut-hu-hu‘; both which we haven’t seen in years!}

2. This ‘berry sorbet’ silk cap

Forever21 pink serbet cap

{because it is the first cap I ever wanted and the cute fact that dad bought it for me when we went shopping one day}

3. Cinga’s endearing look before falling asleep


{for looking like she always deserves a kiss}

4. The introduction to Eucalyptus water into our lives

Eucalyptus Water Soluble Solution

{because can you imagine; that this small bottle of magic: relieves cold, promotes good sleep, works as a room refresher, removes grease marks on clothes and cleans stainless steels too?}

5. The best gift idea for couples

Australian Cotton Towel

{My best friend, Ai Rene, received a pair of Australian-made weaved cotton towels as her wedding gift, so she gave me and É a set as well. Needless to say, we fell in love with its first touch on our skin. If I could, I would wear it all day!}


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