5 Things

Here are 5 things that made my week.

1. This past vintage Sunday


{because i discovered studying Spanish is best done with the company of camomile dream + magnolia herb tea, thanks to its everlasting mind-calming effect}

2. This gula melaka bread pudding


{because aside from being beautifully done with a Malaysian twist, it also comes with a generous dollop of vanilla ice cream!}

3. This 60’s style shot of Aunty Betty’s kitchen


{taken with my Casio Exilim, its sepia effect makes this place more Midwest than it already is – with absolutely NO editing required}

4. These baby ribs


{because they are so So sO SO delicious i broke an impossible record – that day i swear i ate 350 grams of meat 😯 }

5. This old romantic quote


{found in a book i’m currently enjoying, such lovely quote is just simply worth sharing}

p.s. All pictures in this post are taken using Casio Exilim‘s Sepia + Blurred Background effect.

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