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Blogging to me is like writing a love song. People appreciate a good song for its beautiful composition, heartfelt lyrics, intention and execution. In my opinion, crafting a blog post is almost the same, with a slightly different approach: choosing interesting pictures to post, picking the right words to say, and having that invisible style injected into an entry; wrapping it all up into a complete package (to trigger at least 3 out of 5 of your senses – seeing / hearing / feeling). However, the difference between a song and a blog post is that the latter doesn’t have music. i think music is something very, very powerful. The right music can put you in a positive mode and vice versa, so choose your songs wisely! Another important factor when it comes to appreciating music is the device you use to play it. Imagine listening to your favorite rock album using a RM1.90 speaker. 😯 With that in mind, Celcom is giving away a pair of Beat headphones by Dr. Dre daily for you to enjoy your beats. Here’s how:

Dr DreDre

Purchase any of the android smartphones above (i’m eyeing the HTC Sensation XE) and get 6 months FREE access to musiCube apps! Don’t forget to download & activate your new app here to stand a chance to win Beats Audio headset. 8)

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