[AD] Optimal Prime!

feelin’ the Monday Blues after a nice weekend everyone? well, i’m here to entertain you even when i’m wearing blue!


even when skies are gloomy, or if you feel so yourself, you can still wear a pair of sunglasses and feel sunny all over! notice the colour / tone changes once you put on glasses :


Ha! it’s like Doraemon. the robot cat is a perfect example of how you can be happy even when you’re blue. pun intended. LOL

here, you will see lotsa lotsa pictures of me in sunnies! like i’m on a Monday vacation  8)


you know how you automatically think someone who wears shades in a mall is ‘crazy’? i am one of them (who think that it’s crazy and definitely not considered as fashion).

however, this time it’s different because i’m writing a non-profitable advertorial for a very generous optical shop named OPTIMAL (at IOI mall, Puchong) that sponsored Madam Lily Sin a pair of muli-focal glasses :


YAY! 😀


not only does OPTIMAL has a wide range of sunnies, their service is awesome too! hello, they sponsored Lily a pair of glasses for free. do you need me say more?

taking care of our eyes are as important as taking care of our health. therefor, gaining professional aid is fairly crucial. it is essential to earn good service from your opticians when getting a pair of glasses.


i’m not saying this because OPTIMAL helped me with my pledge. Chan Hong, my BFF Ai Rene’s brother, works in this optical shop. without his help, i might still be looking for generous people  out there T__________T


*spectacles hunting!*


if you happen to be there, look for Chan Hong (obviously!), Mr Hii, or KK Yong. but generally, everyone there has been really, really helpful.


say hello to Madam Lily Sin! ^^


me asking the lady optician “errm… maybe this one? how ’bout this one?”


“this one has purple bling bling!” lady optician observes glasses.


Lily tried on glasses and we all thought she looked great in it! super modern~


finding out if she personally likes the look and feel of it…




time to test eye sight to find the perfect power woohoo~!


i was just posing =P


while waiting for Lily to get her eye sight tested, my ex bf helped me cam whored around the shop and we found a couple of super hyper dee duper awesome cool sun glasses!!!


like this one from Coach,


x x x


Versace! :O


*testing testing!!*


PRADA! this one i ♥~


Marc Jacobs. this one i lagi ♥ ♥ ♥ ! lol


my favourite amongst all. even my ex went like “waahhh~ 要 meh…”  XD

the good news is, OPTIMAL is having their MEGA SALES for the next 2 months :


check out the chart carefully and tell me if you’re surprised by the amazing deals, cuz i sure am O_o!


Ray Ban – this sleek & stylish piece, 40% discount.


ahmagad. so many shapes & colours to choose from – all 50% discount.


half-price for all GUESS sunnies?! haha.. what are you waiting for girls?


ok, enough of the cam whoring. you might feel slightly sick of my face right now but i’m pretty sure that made you forget about your Monday Blues! :p


back to Madam Lily Sin,


who got me all excited / kan ceong with the ‘whole thing’ lol~


that’s handsome Mr Hii behind us. ahahahaha/

getting the multi-focal part done. here’s how :





the procedure went smoothly with some professional assistance from our lady optician.


cam whored with Marc Jacobs again while waiting cuz it suited my headband too much FML


and there you go; this is how Madam Lily looks like in her *new* pair of multi-focal glasses ^o^

once the glasses are fitted into the purple bling bling frames, they will give her a call to collect ’em yay!


i don’t want to make this sound like a speech, but thank you. i have no idea how to express my gratitude to OPTIMAL, Chan Hong, (i’m not listing out everyone here or this would really turn into a speech); but basically just every soul who helped make this pledge happen; i hope you did yourself proud cuz i do.

now 50% of Lily Sin’s wish is fulfilled! next up is gonna be our visit to Grace Salon where Lily gets a hair makeover to suit her new pair of frames.

adios~! ♥

p/s: OPTIMAL is situated at the Ground Floor of IOI Mall, Puchong. You have 2 months before the MEGA SALES end!

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  1. Blue, blue my world is blue,
    the lady in blue is so in sync
    with optimal’s blue.You sure know how
    to pander to your sponsor’s heart.

  2. hey mari puchong didnt tell me!!!

  3. tat Marc Jacobs suits u leh!!!cantik lar.. the size pun besar, suits your face lar….and u really looks so gan cheong when she ‘s finding a pair of suitable spec for her self

  4. Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

    1. Hey there, yes I do use Twitter with the handle @teycindy. Glad to hear that you enjoy my blog (:

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