The New Cin City

1* year of changing
2* web programmers, 
3* web designers;
123 revisions, 
321 payments, 
and countless sighs;
a decade* of blogging,
I present to you, and this loyal blog; 
a bright new facelift I think it deserves.
I believe it is all worthwhile,
as much as I truly hope;
you like it as cincerely as I do. 
*Actual figure involved. 


I used to wonder if luck really exists. Then I learned that luck exists in everyone, but only in certain areas in one’s life.

I guess in a way, you can say that everyone is lucky, though not everyone knows it. Only the special ones – those who naturally sees the good, more often than bad. So, do you believe you are lucky?

I have always been lucky in my career. But I have never really been lucky in 3 things:

  • gambling,
  • finding parking spots,
  • and finding an honest team for my blog.

Potentially appearing to be pretty surprising, I didn’t know and couldn’t find any web designers at all. After months of asking around (on and off line) for a suitable candidate, I found one – a very dishonest one – I almost had to engage a lawyer, even if that means paying more money. This experience left me with very little faith in people, no matter how innocent they look on the surface.

Second time round, this web designer left the job unfinished and ran away; after deciding for himself that the price we agreed upon is insufficient to fulfill his contentment. I lost and won both partially in terms of the upfront payment made, and something equally important: time.

In the third round, something similar almost happened. Thank heavens with lots of sugar coating, everything pulled through. Why is something that’s supposed to be so simple, is made so tough? Before I start to think I am ‘unlucky’, I just have to admit from past experiences that I am only not so when it comes to this particular area.

* * *

Moving on to brighter things, you are now in the new Cin City, cinners! I’m so thrilled and excited to have you here.

Allow me to give you a brief introduction so that you can fully enjoy the site’s friendly user experience, specially designed for you. Using your cellphone more often? This site also comes in mobile version. 😉

The navigation bar will follow you wherever you go within the site. Categories and a Search bar are both included, so that you can search any content you want, anytime.

The word ‘Cin’ in the sliding header is color coded according to different categories. The color of the first blog post title you see, subtly hints you that.

DO click on Travel and you will find a map of the world. Wherever is highlighted pink, that means I’ve written about them before. Click on a country and a list of its cities will appear before you. Pick a city and the stories written about them will start reeling down.

Visit the Biography page and feel free to flip through my online portfolio.

Don’t hesitate to Contact me if you are interested in an advertising opportunity, or have any enquiries on collaboration / sponsorship. A complete Media Kit will be provided upon request.


Connect with me from time-to-time via my Social Media channels (I see them as my ‘mini blogs’). Click as many buttons as you like to link up my live updates.

Pin your ad under the Cinterest Board, together with the other ‘Big Boys’ above.

Experience an easy browse via the Archives drop down, for a journey back to my past.

* * *

I intended to leave this post bare / sans pictures, as the sliding header must still be fresh and new to you. I hope you indulge cinfully during your stay here, and that I’ll see more of you in this cinspiring city.


Yours cincerely,

TC Signature

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  1. Hi cindy! First of all, happy anniversary to your blog! Have been reading your blog for some time & still reading it. Just want to let you know that I love your posts a lot. They give me the vibes of “eat, pray & love” everytime Im reading. Keep it up. =)

    1. Hi Jeannie! Thank you for your loyal support all this while & of course, for taking the time to drop me this lovely note. I hope my post will always be able to ‘supply’ that vibe. xo 🙂

  2. Adriana Tey on

    Hi Cindy! I’ve always been an avid reader for your blog! And I have to say that your new blog design is entrancing!

    I have taken an avid interest to start a blog on my own. but, i don’t have anything to write about/ whatnot to pen down. My routine daily life is just work, eat, bath, sleep. Nothing else. I need some heed of advice on how to start writing.

    Keep up your awesome-powsome post! (;

    1. Thanks, Adriana! I’m glad you like it. As for blogging, perhaps you could try writing about something you are interested in & good at? That way, you can remain true to your passion, yet share good content with your readers. 😉

      1. Adriana Tey on

        Thanks, Cindy!
        The problem lies in I do not know what I’m good at, and I’m only interested in reading, reading English in general, i.e. novels, fictions, non-fictions & classics.

        What to write then? 🙁

  3. New face! Love it! Happy Anniversary, my dear!
    Wish you all the success, love for years to come

    1. Thank you so much for your best wishes! xx

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