Have You Ever Seen The Rain?


To be honest i was really ‘Proud Cindy’ after receiving your positive comments on Facebook re: my version of Proud Mary (as seen here) and You’re A Song In My Heart (here). Hence in this post i’ve decided to share with you another one of my CCR renditions: Have You Ever Seen The Rain. You might also notice in this video that i was wearing one of my favorite looks featured yesterday. i hope you enjoy this video as much as you did before! 😀




Remember this girl who broke up with her boyfriend? Despite being angry and disappointed, she is still very much in love with him and a phone call made her realize that (happens to all of us at least once, doesn’t it?). Do you think she is over-reacting, or did the boy really cheated? After all that guessing for weeks, finally the truth is revealed. i came across a newspaper ad where i could scan a QR code to find out the real story. Truth is, in every normal relationship, misunderstanding happens and sometimes it can simply be avoided with just a phone call. See, it happens both ways:

1. If the boy had immediately called the girl to offer an explanation, she might not have gotten so angry.

2. If the girl had called him for an explanation, he might not be so distracted that he had that accident.

So don’t underestimate the POWER of A call! It really costs almost nothing at all. 😉


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One comment

  1. To avoid you being blame for causing the thunderstorm… I recorded this.. my very first youtube upload.. hehe..

    Just for you.. :))

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