5 Cinspirations

Today I woke up with É asking me if it’s Saturday. I said yes, and he replied with great relief: “Fuck, YES!”. Yes, 100 times to that! This weekend promises an abundance of pampering, Christmas shopping, and a farewell party that we are definitely looking forward to for the fun, but not the goodbyes. Meanwhile, here are 5 Cinspirations that kept me entertained the past week(s).

1. This IKEA blue horse


{for finally having found a new place called home}

2. This moisturizer’s bite-sized packaging from this event


{because it is voted the ‘Best Winter Skin Cream‘ by Harper’s Bazaar and I can’t wait to try it out this Christmas in Portugal}

3. This award-winning octopus in all its glory


{because aside from being delicious, we had it during mum’s cozy Japanese-themed birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant}

4. This new sweater in nude


{because it is a Christmas-gift-came-early from goody-ol’-daddy}

5. This new book


{because it comes with a map and maps are interesting, which makes this book that, too}


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