Five Cinspirations

The past week flew by like a long flight, as I (still) secretly tried readjusting to Malaysia’s hectic lifestyle in comparison to the colorful month spent leisurely in Europe. Ever since É and I knew each other, we have been traveling a lot solo so it was nice to spend our first domestic weekend together in town. Saturday’s schedule was a line-up of events and I’ve never felt luckier to have É, who accompanied me throughout the day; where he waited and surprised me with gifts in between. We recorded many Cinspirational moments together, but here are 5 things instead that help steer my blog away from turning into a cheesy romance novella.

1. My RayBan story


{My carelessness left behind a new pair of foldable RayBan originals; shattering my heart into pieces to find that 5 minutes is all it takes to make such a big difference to one’s happiness. In É’s eyes reflected my own sadness so the same spontaneous evening, he got me a new one which I certainly don’t deserve. What truly made my week was to learn that love is not superficial – the moment one’s problem also becomes the other’s}

2. These vintage accessories


{found in an ancient vintage at Turkey, these moon stone pieces are my current favorite treasures as they look like they’ve traveled from the Hitit times}

3. This bookmark with a baby blue tassel


{because I bought it from a bookstore at Taksim Square, where air smelled of a thousand old secrets}

4. This piece of tile from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar


{because the white parts you see glow in the dark!}

5. This blue pigeon egg


{hanging down from a flower on my dressing table, it reminds me of the beautiful times lived in solitude while idling around Budapest}


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