Island Escape


In what feels like in between a blink of an eye and a power nap, December is half gone. The past weeks (and the next few days) will be packed with tasks like: setting up my ‘blog bank’ for my absence during Christmas, packing for a half-month trip to Portugal, championing last-minute shopping, deciding on wedding theme and looks – all whilst servicing relationships that matter. Since we need a break but have absolutely no time for one anymore, I find myself turning to this quiet getaway we did a couple of months ago.

Nothing spells that ‘just-another-weekend’ better than a raw island escape with my hot beau; blessed with a Brazilian bod, Portuguese mind, Italian heart and British humor (there’s also the Dutch part, which I’m not sure how to fit in). For a girl who has much to say about the love of travel and global citizens, that sounds about right!


Dress from Tossa, Catalunya
STRADIVARIUS arm candies
Evil eye ring + studs from Turkey
HAVAIANAS flip flops


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