Shake It Off


Albeit dressing super casual, this turns out to be my favorite photoshoot up to date! I was twirling around like a happy kid at the edge of Lake Toba dancing to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off playing in my head, while Patrick was just snapping away looking all calm and cool. Maybe the red lips make all the difference. Maybe it is a light heart. But one thing for sure, you need a passionate photographer. I’m starting to think that the #1 criteria of my boyfriend checkbox list should be: To have a great love for you AND the camera!

IMG_9782 IMG_9702 IMG_9714 IMG_9722 IMG_9789 IMG_9733 IMG_9783 IMG_9728 IMG_9790

H&M hat 
ZARA denim shorts 
MISS SELFRIDGE striped top
THOMAS SABO charm bracelet
STRADIVARIUS fabric bracelet


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