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A Dress So Versatile You Can Wear It with Literally ANY Shoes

I was waiting for my family to complete their bathroom trips at the mall when I noticed a golden glow of something beautiful and yellow from a distance. I’ll be right back, I said, and dashed into the store.

Reaching right for it, I picked up this silky dress made of liquid sun that wildly possessed me. I thought to myself, “This dress is so ‘me'”. I looked back to where I stood with my (then incomplete) family members who were now, in turn, waiting for me. Feeling pressured, I walked away from the treasure that could have been mine.

“I like the dress”, I told É. He joked saying, “No, you don’t”, not knowing any better, so I played pretend-mad-at-him for 5 seconds. That was in KL.

Back in Singapore, I made him accompany me to try on the same dress he never saw.

“That’s very you”, he said as I awkwardly paraded my way out from the fitting room. But I knew that from the start. So I bought it.

And that’s how this dress has a story. Because I think it deserves one.

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  1. that dress is gorgeous babe!
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤︎

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