First Look into Our Engagement Shoot

2018-07-18 Cindy-Andre-Engagement-Final-HiRes-23

& The Importance of A Test Shoot

I wanted no other wedding photographer other than Sanit.portfolio. On February 17th, 2017, I reached out to the wizard on Facebook Messenger where I learned it would cost 65,000 baht (~RM8000) excluding airfare (~RM5000) & accommodation (~RM500); a whopping total of RM13,5oo.

Now unless Dato’ Vincent Tan was my father, personally, I couldn’t bring myself to spend that fortune just on photography. Would you? So I decided to save Sanit’s service for something like a pregnancy shoot at Thailand where he’s from in the future.

As the search continued, our inutile wedding planners sent us portfolios of either very generic work or puzzling choices e.g. a guy from Russia (whose travel & accommodation we’d also need to cover) or another from Porto, when there are so many talented photographers in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, which is also where our wedding was held. Instead of wasting more time & breath explaining common sense, I turned to Instagram.

Who would have thought that the power of hashtag (I used #lisbonweddingphotographer) actually works? I found us a pair of dedicated, sincere, warm-hearted professional photographers whose style leans towards mine. They also reminded us of the importance of meeting up before the big day, not just for coffee but for a few test shots or what we call ‘engagement shoot’.

This allows for both parties to create the necessary chemistry so we feel comfortable working with each other, have the chance to figure out preferred angles and discuss certain shots I want to be captured on my wedding day. I highly suggest you find time to do this too.

Here is the outcome of our belated engagement shoot, which got us swooning!

P.S. FINALLY – I’m wearing the bridal jumpsuit which I never got to wear on my ROM because it arrived 2 weeks after


2018-07-18 Cindy-Andre-Engagement-Final-HiRes-9

2018-07-18 Cindy-Andre-Engagement-Final-HiRes-27

2018-07-18 Cindy-Andre-Engagement-Final-HiRes-33

2018-07-18 Cindy-Andre-Engagement-Final-HiRes-35

2018-07-18 Cindy-Andre-Engagement-Final-HiRes-49

2018-07-18 Cindy-Andre-Engagement-Final-HiRes-45

2018-07-18 Cindy-Andre-Engagement-Final-HiRes-25

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