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2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-186

From Lisbon Backalleys to Palace of The Marquises of Fronteira

The idea of splurging on a pre-wedding photoshoot and having albums of hard copy photographs printed out to collect dust less than a year later never resonates with me. Most Chinese girls asked me “Whaiii???” & warned me about regretting the decision considering such an event happens “once in a lifetime”.

Firstly, I find the concept a bit outdated – there’s probably a higher chance that I view my wedding photos on the computer or through Facebook than flipping through a heavy album. Secondly, maybe because I’ve always planned to have a destination wedding & wouldn’t have it any other way, I never felt the need to travel somewhere just to have our photos snapped.

My approach is practical – do all shoots on the same big day since hair, makeup & gown are ready so that we can use the budget couples usually allocate for pre-wedding shoots. If you too, would like to save RM4k & above for something more important, in this post, I hope I can prove that it can be done!

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-3

On our wedding day, around noon, É & I met at a secret alley planned by our photographers for our ‘first look’ photos where we saw each other for the first time, proceeded by our pre-wedding photoshoot, literally. I thought É looked so handsome, I couldn’t be a prouder wife.

At 3.30 p.m. we dashed to the wedding venue, had our ceremony in between & continued for another hour of photoshoot around the beautiful palace. Considering the short sprint slots, I think we did pretty well!


First Look

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-8

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-10

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-12

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-11


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-22

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-23

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-37

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-15

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-16

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-17

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-27

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-32

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-33


Wedding Photo Shoot

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-179

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-188

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-191

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-201

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-200

2018-07-19 Cindy-Andre-Wedding-Final-HiRes-229


When my husband makes me mad, I think this set of photos can make me fall in love with him again. So thank you, Your Story In Photos for producing such beautiful yet adorable photos & for making sure the result is exactly what we desire. Emanuele & Romana are so easy to work with, even camera-shy people would love them. i.e. É, who is not a fan of being in front of the camera was relaxed & had fun throughout the entire photo shoot! 


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  1. you two are such a photogenic couple! amazing photos!!! CONGRATULATIONS, CIN. xx

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