the Year that Was

2010 to me was like a roller coaster ride into the galaxy. i say so because this roller coaster has no seatbelts but each time i fall out of it, i end up lying on a bed of stars! 😀

Many years passed by me and i realized that i’m not a fan of recapping what happened. i guess the main reason is because i’m afraid to know the number of mistakes i made, or how many things i haven’t achieved; so i chose to be ignorant about it instead.


With turning 24 and the Tiger Year ending, i feel an ‘adult force’ that says “C’mmon, so what? Not everybody achieves ALL their resolutions!

Having that said, i braved myself to draft this out and realized that 2010, was actually not bad! Here is how it went by :


Honestly, January was all about Chinese New Year. What i gained from it? A large QoQ (Quantity of Quality) family time and also, strengthened blood ties with faraway relatives.


i guess we can all agree on how important “family” is to us, so January was perfect.



Work eats up a huge part of your life and i realized i couldn’t have been more grateful to be working with colleagues who are also like my best friends.

Kelvin, Steve, and Jackie, were always there to both help and hear me out whenever i was troubled or bullied. With them around, an extra day in February 2010 didn’t feel like it was longer.


My then boyfriend of 1 & a 1/2 years broke up with me. i guess it happens to the best of us; even Hollywood stars!

It was a relationship that taught me how to love and live with a person who is completely my opposite. i learned how to gauge different point of views on matters i never cared about, and also matured a hell lot from it.


Thank you, for letting me go.. i’ve found my greater happiness.



i finally pierced Bella my belly button! i’ve always wanted to do it since i was 14, but never really got the guts to do it.

Breaking up with J sorta contributed to finally getting this plan executed; as i was in a “Whatever, i don’t even care if i accidentally die” state of mind WTF.

And i am very very glad i did it! <3


May was the most wonderful month for me. Mainly because of Australia, Ai Rene, Alex, and getting an Ambassador deal from Watsons. All As, don’t you see? ACE!


i love Australia. i swear whenever i feel super sad (it always feels as if i’m standing at the edge of the World alone), i think of Australia and how being there NEVER fails to make me such a happy girl i can potentially be.

Adding that with my BESTEST friend in the World – Ai Rene, @ Australia… Guys, what could be beta?!?!?!

i came back from OZ (Aussie) with great reluctance in my heart. i began to see myself saying “YES!” to every events and parties. Thanks to my (ex) colleagues and cousin, Nicole…


i somehow met this Spanish man named Alejandro. A Latino? SERIOUSLY?? i think about it sometimes and trust me, i really don’t know how that happened. ha ha..

But i think i’m just lucky. a|x is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me, and is everything i look for in a man.


i also became the ambassador / spokes person for Watson’s Pure Beauty product; which i think is a great honor! Definitely something i’m really proud of.



i was chosen to be one of the contestants for My Dreamgirl, a make-over show with Tony and Xiao Kai guru from the famous Taiwanese show Nv Ren Wo Zhui Da.


Attending shoots, press conferences, and all that stuff was really fun and definitely what i truly enjoy doing. The show was aired on ASTRO #Jia Yu in November.


Visited Bali again, this time with my angel & devil; Eri & Ruby. Despite falling sick there, i believe it was a truly memorable trip for all 3 of us.


July was another month of pursuing my core passion. My schedule was packed with :


Shooting ASTRO #Hitz TV anti-piracy commercial,


and acting classes with Belinda Chee, 98.8 deejays KK & Luke, and many others.



Got myself a “sister”. Finally, a friend who lives in a different book, but always at the same page as me! Such friend is so rare and hard to find. My GEM, Ivone. ¡Beso!


Finding it hard to juggle my 9 – 6 job VS true passion, i made the decision to quit my company after a year. Forcing myself to spend another SECOND back there, KILLS ME.

It was one of the hardest decision i had to make so far, but since the future didn’t look too promising there, that made it a whole lot easier for me. i actually feel like i was breathing again.


My second favourite place in Malaysia after IKEA is KLIA. Malaysian Airports was so kind to sponsor my stay at their Air Transit Hotel, gave me 1K to spend (shopping), and even paid me to write 4 advertorials! You can imagine how thrilled i was to receive such offer. 🙂


Also, travelled to Beijing with my family.



Matty Mooey from OZ came to visit me. The story of how i met Matt and how we became friends, to me is considered pretty special and fateful.

Sadly, the timing + distance is a battle we aren’t geared up enough to fight, and it’s such a shame we don’t keep in touch anymore. 🙁


a|x accompanied me to return Carpet to the pet shop. My eyes get teary every time i look at this picture of her, but i believe giving her back is the best option. Next Chapter –


i was chosen to be one of Malaysia’s Hottest Blogger by Faces magazine, November issue.


At this point my life was so perfect i subconsciously took on other people’s problems as mine; especially when they belong to people i care a huge deal about.

i didn’t realize how affected i was and began to believe that the World is crazy when actually, i am so loved.

And that’s when…



Back with my family and lovely cousins, i recollected the pieces of myself during X’mas. It’s true you end with what / how you started.

What goes around, comes around; and like January, the festive season reminds me again that love exists in various forms at different places.


Goodbye soon, Tiger Year! i am a Tigress myself and therefor i can’t wait for the Rabbit to come. Om nom Nom nom!!!

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  1. Nice post ^^
    wat a interesting life ~

  2. Edward Kennedy on

    Yes…a very nice post indeed Cindy…..short, sweet and simple…..just like you I guess minus the “short”…:)

    1. *BLUSH!* thanks Edward Cullen wtf XD

  3. Happy new year to you cindy!
    I hope u have a sparklier (is there such word) in 2011.
    I decided to stop blogging for 2011, trying to be a more private person. see how it goes. but i will still visit your blog often!

    1. sparklier year..opps..

    2. O_O! don’t stop! Y suddenly wan??

      1. i kept on procrastinate my post until it became lapuk, so tutup kedai for a while first la, see if my mojo come back or not.

      2. ooo… lol! ok then, understandable!

  4. hey darling.
    i wonder know wht brand do use to color ur lips???
    and wats the code???

    looks great n suitable with ur color skin,,

    myb u should make a lil bit tutorial for ur make lol 🙂

    1. hi nadea! erm, which picture r u referring to? if i’m not mistaken, in most of those pictures i didn’t wear anything on my lips. i’m tryna look into makeup tutorials, but m kinda lazy to learn iMovie. hahaha!

  5. very nice..

    happy new year to u

    1. happy new year to u too~

  6. Whattayear Tigress! *Rawwrrr!* Another year to come – Beware!

    1. Rabbit beware!! l8r i hungry i… lol

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