Missing Sensibilities

Since i was very young, i am constantly attacked by a Question that i once asked my mother and never did again, because i remember clearly her answer was “Don’t ask silly questions!

The question was :

Mum, why are we here?

Until today, i still ask this question to almost every man i meet. Somehow i stopped asking women; perhaps it’s a reaction from my mum’s answer, who knows.

But how would you answer me, if i were to ask you that question?


i once asked my then best guy friend that question so often, he sent me a bible.

i asked my then boyfriend, and he said we are here to just be.

i can’t force myself to read the bible, nor can i buy the idea of “just be”, because i am being me, but it feels like something is missing.

After searching for almost 20 years, finally someone gave me a satisfactory answer that i can settle with; perhaps for the time being.

It sounded like this :

We are here, to live the happiest way we can.


i have 5 new year resolutions with me this year, but to live happier everyday, is my key. What about you? (:

p/s: gracias por la respuesta, mi amor. te quiero por lo que eres, y todo lo que haces. ¡Saludos a días más felices muchos más por venir!

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  1. “We are here, to live the happiest way we can.“

    I like this so much ^^
    is meaningful~

    1. Glad u like it! Gambateh 😉

  2. Well, for me, religious views aside, I think we live to be the best kind of person we can be, and equally important to that is to impact the lives of the people around us, especially our loved ones. Cos I think that a life that is lived for only oneself, is not a life at all !

    p.s: Ooh, Spanish. Do you speak the language? I’m only studying basic Spanish this semester ! The more I hear/read it, the more I <3 the languageeeeee~ 😀

    1. i like your answer. & i believe one has to be able to live happy first, before being able to bring happiness to other. i’ve never seen an unhappy person made one happy. lol~

      p/s: u are studying Spanish?! i’m learning it thru CD! i wanna take real classes but don’t know where is more affordable T_T

      1. Sorry. haha I’m studying in university now, and they offer foreign language classes in the School of Language and Linguistics where I take some of my classes. So I’m taking Spanish this semester as an elective. Just Level 1 though, so practically a newbie 😛 But I took Korean Level 1 too ! Ahaha, I guess that’s the perks of being a uni student. These classes are relatively cheaper as compared to having to take classes outside ! >.< So sorry, I dunno which would be better for you 🙁

      2. ooo… it’s ok. gambateh ya! 😉

  3. The answer to “Why we are here” will depend on where we think we are going when we are no longer here.

    Do we just disappear? Out of mind and out of sight ?

    Body may die but the soul does not, it has to go somewhere.

    I think many people don’t think enough about the latter enough.

    Cheers !

    1. i think this one… depends on whether a person believes in after-life 😉

      1. Haha, so do you believe in the afterlife?

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