Cindy before CoCo

i think CoCo before Chanel is a Part 2 of something called Cindy before CoCo. C’mmon guys, there must be something wayyy before CoCo, right?!

i’m just pulling your pretty legs. Here is a look inspired by the film CoCo before Chanel. 🙂


i ♥ this look very much, & i hope you will do too~ Here we go!




vintage jacket, black tank, skinny belt | Topshop

lace trim skirt in nude | The Pop Look

vintage brown leather bag | Pull & Bear


If you’re going out today, why not try out this classic Chanel-ish look?

Tip : Remember the belt! Trust me, it makes a big difference. 😉

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  1. so this is how u deal with belt that’s too long. hehe

    1. sengaja buy long one so can buat macam macam XD

  2. Oooo that jackie-jacket… *winkwink* I loikeee~

    1. 😀 i know rite!! i loike it too~~

  3. If the lace trim skirt was a maxi skirt, it would make the look much classier 🙂
    love the jacket

    1. true! but don’t have long wan T.T

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