Midnight Slinky!

Here’s how to pull a Gossip Girl look in a minute!


Somehow i always get myself into a situation where someone, would just call me out of the blue at about 9 P.M. and say :

“Hey, let’s go out! See you at 9.30 k?”

Seriously?! i ain’t no Super Girl~ But if you happen to face this situation in future, maybe you can try this Quick-Fix.


This is the easiest put-together-look i’ve compiled so far, yet with the Most Glamorous Effect. 😀


The secret is the MAXI DRESS. All you need is a plain maxi dress! No time to think about how to mix N match.

And also, not to forget, some CHUNKY ACCESSORIES to give you a spin of personality from Plain Jane to Serena Van der Woodsen!




Slinky Pleat Dress | The Pop Look

Accessories | Heart Attack

Sandals | Ruby for Cotton On

Clutch | ROXY


Smoke up your beautiful eyes and you’re ready to go! 😉







Get slinky sexc into the midnight everyone~ & Happy Friday from yours truly! 8)

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  1. ur dress look nice ^^
    btw,where is de place?
    de food look yummy~

    1. thanks helen! the place is Paddington Pancakes ahahaha!

  2. Fernando Torres on

    nice dress, but I prefer the dress code of the gipsy spaniard which is above in a pic with u :p….and, obviously I prefer ur pink bag rather than that black one ;p


    1. that’s just a green T from Springfield & Levi’s jeans! n yes i prefer my pink bag than the black one too XD (u’re funny humming bird!)

  3. Hey cindy, i love ur fashion posts for they are simple yet edgy at the same time. So i’m wondering if you can do a post on what to wear for annual dinner without looking boring in those LBDs and formal dresses.=))))

    1. hey Jo! thanks & i’m glad u like ’em fashion posts. good suggestion regarding the annual dinner – will find the pieces & put ’em together into a post for ya! 😉

  4. i LOVE the third picture! so dreamy and romantic <3

    the thing about maxi dresses are that they as such a quick fix but perhaps not very versatile. imagine if it was a dinner date followed by an impromptu night at the club. oh no!

    which is why i prefer plain short dresses =) fast, simple and matches almost every occasion!

    1. i actually wore that to Laundry bar… =x hahahah! Gossip Girl mah; all must khua ceong wan wtf XD

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