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A bride would know that quite a lot actually goes into hiring the right photographer for her wedding. Researches, shortlisting, obtaining quotations . . . When you’ve finally selected ‘the one’, that should be it, yes? Well for me, although it was just a signing ceremony, there’s more.

No matter how experienced is the photographer you choose, it is always better to communicate your desires in order to manage expectations between two parties. For example, there might be certain images you need taken that your photographer might not know of.

Therefore, here I’ve put together 5 Things to Include in A Wedding Shot List.

1. Details of photoshoot.

Start off by summarizing the location(s) involved, date, day and time.

2. The focus for each location respectively.

Explain in punchy specifics of the compulsory shots you need, i.e. your guests’ candid reactions instead of them posing, a close-up shot of the signing showcasing your ring / band, etc.

3. Attach sample pictures.

Share works / links of other photographers’ whose style you like as references. This ensures that the end result is closer to what you want, if not more.

4. Share your selfie tips.

There are some things you already know better than your new photographer, like your angle. Mine is on the right side, so I made sure to make that known to Liew upfront.

5. Any special requests.

This comes in as #5 but if you do have them, it is best to mention them earlier. Mine is NOT to provide pictures with watermark as it makes me feel like my wedding shots are free marketing materials for the photographer.

I hope with this shot list, you can have a peace of mind that your photographer will work his magic to ensure that you gain all your dream shots at the end of the day.


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