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Chinese New Year for me this 2012 was pretty neat: silent prayers, warm visits to (and from) gramps, hanging out with my ol’ country pals, and spending quiet me-time in my lovely girly room. Every visit to my home town feels like a ‘cleansing ritual’ that washes away my sins (if i have any), or the unpleasant luck i accumulated while living in the bustling city. It’s like hitting the refresh button, if you know what i mean. Anyway, here i have a handful of my favourite pictures in this ‘pocket post’ (my term for short entry) that highlighted some humble parts of my Chinese new year.






1. The morning after – a midnight feast for Gods.

2. Meet my smart and talented cousin: Jie Hui.

3. Scored #21 with 5 cards(!) playing blackjack right in the first round.

4. Our very first karaoke session together (with ex classmates).

5. Sent Kongming lanterns into the sky; carrying wishes that weigh of dreams and hopes.

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  1. That is a strange-looking 5 of hearts! Aren’t all the hearts supposed to be red? xD

    Anyway, I get the “refresh” effect 🙂

  2. May i know where did u buy ur gong ming lanterns..its pretty hard for me to find them =(

  3. I thought you are trying to show a flush with an additional 3…

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