Can’t Escape (from M.D.G.)

i will be featured in the 1ST episode of a makeover show featuring Taiwan’s most famous hair and makeup artiste Tony and Xiao Kai lao shi (guru) from Nv Ren Wo Zui Da.


i was a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of this show since i was a teenager. It’s where i learned everything about hair, makeup, health and beauty~


To those who don’t yet know, this is Tony lao shi. He is super SUPER EXPERT when it comes to hair.


This is Xiao Kai, my favourite makeup guru after Kevin lao shi.

Since this show is produced by my boss’s sister company, my colleagues persuaded me to give it a try and so i did, and got the part. 😀

Until today, i still can’t believe that i actually get to meet my idol gurus and have them do a makeover for me!!!


i went for a fitting / shoot session at Times Square a couple of days ago~


My makeover theme is “Cinderella“. ^^


Therefore, my stylist said that i should go for flowery prints lol~


i picked a biker leather jacket for myself instead!


Sorry ’bout the heels. Wardrobe no-no #527.


Posing for the camera.  q=


No idea why i stick my tongue out.


FYI, the name of this show is “My Dream Girl“. WTF? Looks like i can’t escape from that word after all. Ha Ha..

Catch the 1st Malaysian Dreamgirl in the 1st episode of My Dream Girl.” – Love how that sound. Sounds like fate to me.

More to come soon!!! Stay tune 8)

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  1. definitely a dream girl material 🙂

    1. *shy lah! hahahaha *does ostrich pose

  2. Jacky lee(Singapore) on

    When ur show be telecast??

    1. August on Astro Jia Yu ^^

      1. Okk will inform my cousin to watch but too bad I can’t watch .but I liked everyday all d pic posted by u .more pls!!!!!!!

      2. Spore don’t have Astro? 🙁

  3. hahaha doomed for life! cannot escape liaoo

  4. Doom…you have been cursed!!!

    1. FML or LML lah! ha ha

  5. U the chosen ONE, Cindy !!!

    Have faith in yourself

    1. GOOD ONE! 10Q! 😀

  6. So when is the Dreamgirl gonna find
    his Dreamguy.

    1. ppfftttt… tell me about it LOL!

  7. omg!!! i’m so envious of you. that’s like my most favourite-ess beauty show evah…. have to watch it the show… i’ll be on the lookout. congrats. my favourite guru however is lin ye ting lao shi.

    1. lin ye ting? is it the yoga one? haha

  8.! with those 2. . .getting lagi you will be featured again in media..guess you cant escape from this industry afterall . . 😀

    let us know when we will gett to see you on tv again` 😉

    1. Will do taufu! hahaha~

  9. wow..really great opportunity and exposure

    1. & it’s on Astro yay~ ^^

  10. 这个几时会播出呢??

    1. early August! 😉

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