The Lost & Found Photo Diary

“It is zero hour”, says the MacBook, as I sit here naked with my face full of sliding makeup and an empty stomach after the 185362489th X’mas event attended this year. X’mas hasn’t even arrived yet. Neither has a good turkey. The cat is purring like she feeds on attention but I can’t feed her any because I need to be fed first.

Few minutes ago I was pondering about what to write – upload a cat video, play Love Guru, or how much I hate ants – it is clearly too late now to start a story about something totally new. Yet I vowed to try my (very) best to keep this blog afresh at least every two days as long as I am deemed fit. Obviously, starving doesn’t seem enough to count.

So I dig up my old drafts, but everything sounds so boring until I find a lost-&-found photo diary of a Krabi trip with my girl friends. These are never-posted-before-photos so I reckon they can be considered as good as new. I won’t bother trying to make this tale sound interesting from here on because the cat really needs to talk to me about her tail. So please be my guest and enjoy the pictures as they tell a thousand words short from the airport to the beach.


So I kissed the cat and gave her some love. She was disgusted by it and walked away, as her arrogant bushy tail waved goodbye to me in disturbingly silent air.

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