it has not been the best week for me so far and i’m dying to embrace the weekend. just searched frantically for my allergy meds all around the apartment scratching up and down like a mad woman but to no avail. gotta take time off work again tomorrow to queue for hours at Dr. Ting’s just to get the right pill combination. the blood test certifies that i’m allergic to mites and dust; unfortunately something almost impossible to avoid. so it comes, and goes, and comes back again like a man who can’t make up his mind. my prickly throat magically took a break off being sore when i was in Singapore, now it’s being a painful bitch again. i have a hard time deciding if it feels more like a cactus or a desert. shone a torch and looked into the mirror saying “aaa“… looks more of a hanging cactus. i looked like an idiot. off torch. put it back to shelf. worried about tomorrow. which should i cure first – my throat or my skin? i’ve no right to question. no time. can’t take leave at all. can’t take half day leave. can’t even take medical leave. forever busy in the office. did so much i don’t remember what i’ve done. he asks “why do you look so tired?” i say “i’ve too many things to do” he says “aiyah everyone is the same”, then why do you fucking ask, you idiot. ask a question they throw it back to you. stir some bullshit gossips everyone loves you. people think being a blogger is just to be a blogger. all about fame, special invitations, sponsorships… they forgot nothing in life comes for free. i’ve been rushing ads since 3.30 in the morning. went to the office. continued during lunch break. more work at the office. home and now rambling blogging at the speed of 240km/h. just because i haven’t been updating since 2 days ago. i am sick, i need a doctor. i am exhausted, i need a break. there is only one me, i need to cry.

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