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Who doesn’t like to be treated as a V.I.P wherever they go? i can’t think of anyone i know, can you?

i found an online shopping destination that seeks the most extraordinary events, services, experiences, and even negotiate incredible deals to be offered exclusively to you / their members.

Like this, for example :


Thanks to Reebonz City KL who so kindly invited me over to JoJoBa Spa for an incredible experience!

Be it fashion, travel, or shopping, Reebonz got your trendy lifestyle covered 360 degrees :



It’s like living in a world of pleasant surprises~ Joining is free too if you are invited by an existing member!

Here’s how my spa experience sponsored by Reebonz went :


i totally felt like a V.I.P. This button is for JoJoBa Spa guests ONLY, okayyy… *presses imaginary bell in head again*


The sexc V.I.P. room which immediately transported my mind to Bali.


Scents for you to choose from.


i was greeted by the cutest drink ever – dragon fruit chillers in a shot glass! <3


Looking at this picture, you might think that they also gave me a carrot juice shot – but la la la~ YOU’RE WRONG!

(i shall reveal what this carrot juice is for later.)


This is the jacuzzi in my room overlooking the city. Can you simply imagine how romantic this is gonna be at night? Even if it’s with your BFF, it still is gonna be so much fun~!


Slowly gettin’ into the mood…





This is my bed. The moment i saw it i just wanna strip naked and get on it. LOL!

To make you even more jealous, here is a LIST of TREATMENTS i received :

Somerset Veggies Treatment (80 mins)

  • Carrot Rich Moisturing Body Scrub
  • Lavender Body Shower
  • Lemon Grass Foot Steam
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Aroma Eye Pillow Treatment
  • Facial
  • Ginger Tea


Let’s start with…..

1. Carrot Rich Moisturing Body Scrub


Now you see what the carrot shot is for? It’s real carrot on my body guys, NO JOKE! 😀


Carrots are the richest vegetable source of the Vitamin A with excellent source of antioxidant compounds. This scrub is made for sensitive skin or anyone who wants a gentle but effective scrub.

2. Lavender Body Shower

i’m sorry i can’t take nor post pictures of me taking a shower. Just use your imagination (of yourself if you may,) immersing with Lavender aromatic foam.. rejuvenating and relaxing your body…

How was the shower? Nice ah? Ha Ha!!

3. Lemon Grass Foot Steam


Foot steam helps promote better blood circulation, giving you that radiant glow in those rosy cheeks – no blusher needed. #^_^#

After the steam i actually felt super “alive”.

4. Aromatherapy Massage


My choice of natural essential blended oil.

i shall leave you with a trail of therapeutic pictures without captions for you to escape from the stress and strain of your life. You’re welcome. q=




Unlike normal massages, aromatherapy massages enhances ones emotional well-being either through relaxing or stimulating the mind.

5. Aroma Eye Pillow Treatment


Once you are flipped over for the second part of the massage session, a warm rose bud stuffed pillow will be placed onto your eyes.


This magic pillow relieves tired eyes and stress; chasing away headaches and jangled nerves.



Seriously, words can’t explain how ultra uber superb i felt. You’ve really gotta try it yourself.

6. Facial

i was given a free facial too! Super nice lorh.. again it was sooo good now it makes me feel like my words are cheap. =x



Facials at home can never come close to what this machine can do. It makes your skin supple and radiant – that’s what i felt!

7. Ginger Tea


Last but not least, i was served with hot ginger tea. Ginger tea helps replenish your body’s natural moisture level.


All this couldn’t have been made possible without Reebonz City. i must say i really love their concept of this whole pampering stuff! It’s never enough for anybody in my opinion… lol

Before i leave, here’s a lil’ something for all of you. See? i’m not leaving you feeling unsatisfied!


Note this down in your calendar : Sign up for a Reebonz account here, and remember to purchase the deal on the 17th Jan.

Reebonz City KL is bringing to you a Special Deal for a Jojobo Spa treatment on 17th Jan at 50% OFF!!!

This is the perfect solution for ya if you wanna just pamper yourself with a spa treatment without having to worry about budget.

That’s about it~ Remember to have fun on my behalf! 8)

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  1. Hi, normally how much is the treatment?

    1. around 200, but with package cheaper!

  2. hi cindy! price in ribbonzcity in sgd or rm? I thought i saw wrongly because my page kept displaying sgd. 🙂 just want to confirm.

    1. oohh it depends on what package u take. thr r many types. but what i was told for sure is u go with a friend more “dai” wan.

  3. I totally AM jealous !!!!!! 😛

    1. go get one! i need another. otro para mi tambien! hahaha

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