Krabi (Ao Nang) : Tour


When my girl friends and i first visited the idea of a beach getaway in Krabi, we were confused as to where exactly in Krabi do we accommodate ourselves. It was not until we found out that the ‘star’ destination of this province is called ‘Ao Nang’.

Ao Nang is more worthy of a visit than Krabi town, if you ask me. Here i’ve narrowed down a list of Top 5 things to see and do in this little town. If you’d still like to visit the ‘real’ Krabi, you can always take a 20 minute cab ride there to visit its night market. Or, you can always opt to relax by the beach, like me. Either way, you’re in for a pleasant treat!


Ride on a Tuk Tuk. Why: It is easy to navigate around Ao Nang hence i’d (highly) recommend taking a Tuk Tuk rather than a taxi. As Ao Nang is all about tourism, Tuk Tuks are everywhere. If you’re lucky, you could get a brightly colored one to go with your holiday mood – just like we did! Otherwise, simply hop on one to enjoy the summer breeze whilst picturesque views fly pass you. Here’s to kickstart your first Krabi experience! 8)


Take a barefoot walk along the beautiful beach (and take lotsa pictures). Why: Why would you go to Krabi otherwise? No beach vacation is complete without a visit to this gorgeous golden coast with its fine sand and lovely turquoise sea. Need me say more?


Picking souvenirs at beachfront shopping district. Why: Like it or not, convenience stores and repetitive souvenir shops line the beachfront road, probably all the way to your hotel. As much as i can’t see anything too bad about that, i reckon it’s a great place to buy postcards / a trinket or two for your loved ones back home. Just be prepared to do some bargaining if you’re buying something bigger than that!


Get a Thai massage. Why: To me, getting a massage wherever you are in Thailand is like a MUST like no tomorrow. Not only they are cheap, they are mostly great too! Just any massage parlor will do the trick. The one we frequented was Sunset Massage, located inside Ao-Nang Sunset Hotel itself. It is said to be ‘the Best Massage in Ao Nang’ and though i couldn’t possibly try all parlors to reconfirm, i would go back to this one again (and again).


Grab a drink or two and dance into the night. Why: Honestly, there is nothing much for you to do here when the skies turn dark. You will find yourself (noticeably) free after a massage and a meal. Even though drinks are not dirt cheap, they are still a lot cheaper compared to many places in the world. Whether you are traveling with friends or alone by yourself, head to a bar that you like and get a shot of Tequila (or two, or more). Make new friends with the backpackers there. After all, what’s traveling about if not sharing experiences?


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  1. Love your white dress. Where’d you get it? (:

    1. thank you (: i got it from Princess Polly @ Australia.

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