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Even with a packed travel schedule with extensive sights and activities, our team of food connoisseurs will tell you never to neglect FOOD, especially not in Thailand! Here i’ve compiled a list of Top 5 things to tantalize your taste buds with while frolicking in Krabi.


Street food. Skip the menu! The usual Pad Thai, Tom Yum, pineapple fried rice, are definitely my favorites go-to(s). If you want to try something that might just awaken your senses soul, try Som Tam – with helluva chilies of course. Thailand is a piece of hot heaven for those who worship spicy food, like me!

p.s. Always bring along some carbon pills, diarrhea and anti-nausea medicine, as street food is not the most hygienic option we know. You can find them at any drugstore.


Rice vermicelli beef soup. A tummy warmer, delicious meal, comfort food, all in one. Embark on an adventure searching for the best bowl of beef balls in its own broth. What can possibly go wrong?


Fresh coconut! It is said that coconut tree is named ‘The Tree of Life’. If you so happen to recover from diarrhea, say from food option #1, coconut will be your best friend. Coconut water carries countless health benefits besides tasting divine; especially when Thailand produces this fruit with such good genes. It contains all the minerals + electrolytes a human body needs, and is super hydrating.

p.s. There is a big difference between a coconut that has been already opened for quite some time, and a fresh one that is busted in front of your eyes. Keep in mind, that the description i just mentioned only matches the latter.


Cocktails ala Sex & The City. Who says you need to fly all the way to New York to live like Carrie Bradshaw? Splurge and take advantage of never ending promotions such as ‘Buy 1 Get 1 for 180 baht‘. With the double fusion of alcohol + music (pop, rock, country, Thai songs) you can be sure to have a wild night so fun, the famous NY cast would probably say yes to join you too!


A seafood feast / dinner. A beach vacation is not complete without a seafood spread fit for a king (for the incomparable price of . . . almost nothing). We chose Wangsai Seafood Restaurant for a romantic dining-by-the-sea experience, as we celebrate nothing with loads of laughter and boundless happiness.


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