Paris: Phantom of the Opera


Paris in 1 Day‘ might sound like we are traveling ‘on the surface’ but with me, I’ll make sure you eat a meal, not just get a taste.

Today, let’s take a little detour into the magnificent world of Phantom of the Opera. Make your visit worthwhile by exploring each corner – Notice the impressive carvings, spot the famous ceiling fresco, walk in admiration along the aisle of glass-coffined costumes, play up your imagination inside the theater – There’s much to experience when you acknowledge that you do live in a world of wonder. 😉


{Compulsory picture taken at the entrance}


{The ticket to enter costs 10 Euros. If you don’t want to spend that money, you may still enter, but only until this spot. What’s the point?}


{With the ticket, you can have access to this magnificent place. Make sure you have a befitting dress!}


{Costume display 360 – this masterpiece is my favorite}


{This is what you shouldn’t miss when you visit Opera Garnier: Marc Chagall ceiling frecso}


{How awesome would it be to watch a theater show here back in 1898}


{My favorite past time : getting lost in bookstores and libraries}


{Theater settings from the past, made into 3D paper world and framed in glass boxes}


{A pretty dainty idea: hanging ballets using their ribbons as bookshop deco}


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