Gold Coast Pub Crawl

This was supposed to be my last post on OZ…


(“supposed to”, but obviously i didn’t know what’s gonna happen NEXT)


On the way to the airport, i managed to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Gold Coast sunrise ^^


Wore my red heels instead of flip flops since i won’t be doing much walking; not in the plane. Derrrrr~


Somehow the road to the airport seemed longer and time seemed to pass faster… and

I MISSED MY FLIGHT! Fuck my life.


So i ended up here with some help from the i (information center).

Ai Rene got heaps of work awaiting at Brisbane so i asked her not to worry and to leave me at Gold Coast so i can liu lang around like a “real” backpacker wtf.


So my wish came true. i got to extend my stay at GC for another day WITHOUT having to be put on hold for AN HOUR by Air Asia. Everything is possible with money ey? My ticket not only burnt my pocket it also burnt my heart.


i thought the place was okay, by the look of this living room.


But i was super duper wrong lah. Sad sial.


It was the WORST stay i ever paid for.


The bed wasn’t even MADE UP and had bloody stain on it. i’m forcing you to get the pun – BLOODY stain. Geddit?


The bathroom @_____@”

Couldn’t take no more, i got my arse outta that stinky humid room and walked around the bright city : –


It was a Saturday and i think there was at least 3 times more tourists around.


Joined Scotty & Matty for beer. It was my first time (seriously) drinkin’ beer during the DAY and i totally forgot i hadn’t makan anything at all – thanks to the missed flight, tragic check-in, blahhh.


Found this awesome machine in the bar loo. You can buy eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss… LOL! Why Malaysia doesn’t have one?!




Matty saw a man in pink tutu; he couldn’t resist but to ask him why the fuck is he dressed like that ROFL!


Thank God the lady boy ignored him instead of giving him a punch.


Matt Matthew Matty Mooey Moo


Heading to the beach. Some random comedian was performing.




This sand is brought to you by Cin City


The guys stripped till they left ONLY their underwear on!


i can’t tell which is which…


but this is what they call Surfers Paradise. See the humongous waves???


Scotty showing off his sexC bum O.o”




Obviously the guys didn’t go for the goon, but good beer instead.

So the plan was for them to go back to their hotel, and i, my filthy backpacker to get ready for this thing called Club Crawl.


Which means you pay about 20-30 OZ dollars, and a party crew will take you (and the group) to 5 clubs in 1 evening starting from 5.30 till late.

But the thing is, the guys drank too much they passed out at their hotel. So in the end, i went to 1/4 of the Club Crawl alone. T__________T


Club Crawl is a pretty cool concept actually.

The 1st stop is more of like a bar with some finger food and beer. 2nd stop, a bowling pub with a cocktail named “One Wet Pussy Shot” wtf, 3rd and 4th i have no idea because i couldn’t stay any longer!!! Screw the 20 bucks –

i was all alone with a beer and an empty stomach – i felt like an Asian woman desperate to be fucked by a guai lou so i raised my white flag after the 2nd stop and went for Japanese dinner by myself 🙁


Damn pathetic okay. Dressed so nice but no one to date. Only got iPhone with no credit.

And oh yes, i was wearing my red heels (which hurt like mad and made me very tuu 9 lan) so after my first meal of the day, i went back to the backpackers to change :


A plain white T, grey leggings, flip flops, & a Spongebob sweater.


Yes, a Spongebob sweater Matt tried to fit in after lol…

i totally didn’t expect the guys to ring but they did at 10, so i resumed my 5th Club Crawl stop @ Bedroom!


Spongebob is rated R so i think my T-shirt alone would do. ahahahaha///


Okay. Habis cerita.

See you at Maison tonight. Happy Wesak Day everybadeh~!


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  1. At least you get to experience budget
    traveling.Backpakers in Malaysia have
    worst living condition than what you
    experienced, so consider yourself lucky.

  2. i can see that you had fun! heh!

  3. Hahahahaha Matt farney sial….

  4. omg!! LOVES ur spongebob sweater!! where did u bought it?? =D its soooooper duuuuper cute!!!!! omg!

    1. at Australia. LOL! hahahahahahahha

      1. awww man. tooo bad then. haha. spongebob bag, pencil box n notebook. LOL 😀

      2. *i have a*

  5. so much tongue actions going on @.@

    1. u din mention i also din realize lol!

  6. I believe it is called ‘Pub crawl’ or perhaps things have changed much since my student days.

    1. Club Crawl wor the Australian said~

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