What to Buy in Cappadocia


At a land where everything seems like 80% deserts and caves, one might wonder, “What’s there to buy?”

As the van drove us along Paşabağ valley, I thought about the people I love and the home I live in. What can I get for them and my apartment to remind me of the precious time collected at Turkey? I remember giving up on that thought – until Cappadocia’s pretty trinkets proved me wrong.

Here are some one-of-a-kind souvenirs you can get while traveling here:

1. Colorful turban (with side flaps)


What I like about this head piece is the fact that it comes with two generous long pieces of cloth on its sides, which I will so gladly use to wrap around my face as a protection from dust (or people) when traveling alone at more grubby countries.

2. Handmade hot air balloon 


As seen here in my room.

3. Turkish hanging lamps


Ai Rene got one of these for her house and I can just imagine how it does magic to transform a space.

4. This other princess-y headpiece


As worn here with The Spotlight Dress.

5. Anything evil eye-related


You can find them at any souvenir shops or roadside stalls attached to a bracelet, decoration piece, keychain . . . you get where this is going.

6. Turquoise accessories 


Make sure to ONLY purchase these rare stones at government certified shops. A REAL gem is colored blue even on the inside (as seen on the first rock), while a fake one is white.

7. Clay products + art


I found this plate amazing; especially the precision of its art / brush work. Unfortunately, the price on such a beautiful thing is so sky high; just looking at the price tag I felt my neck slaughtered by an inch.

Nonetheless, a tour to a quaint clay workshop is always interesting. Here’s a little pictorial tour for you:



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