How Travel Bloggers Celebrated World Tourism Day

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I suppose one can say that he or she has made it as a world recognized travel blogger, if one was invited to the official celebration of World Tourism Day. With that said, I am forever grateful to be one of the selected few from South East Asia!

Siam Niramit

Travel is no longer just a hobby or mere interest. Neither is it only for the rich or young. Tourism is the right of all people and those are the very important words that I, amongst others, had the chance to understand deeper on our media trip to Bangkok; the city commissioned by the United World Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to promote universal accessibility.

Here’s how we celebrated World Tourism Day 2016 (in style)!

1. Blew our minds off during a spectacular cultural evening at Siam Niramit. 

Siam Niramit

{Did you know that the highest stage in the world is located right here?}

World Tourism Day 2016

{An elephant and traditional vibrant dances made for a special welcome as the representatives of UNWTO and VVIPs arrived}

Siam Niramit stage

{Yours truly, perched on the high stage with two beautiful erm . . . ladies}

World Tourism Day 2016 World Tourism Day 2016

{Creepily zoomed in to Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports, and her husband, because they look so respectfully handsome together}

Siam Niramit

{Whiling away with a night fisherman}

Rice Cracker Coconut

{Rice cracker coconut morsels you must NOT miss while at Siam Niramit}

Siam Niramit coconut

{These are irresistible. If it wasn’t for the fact that I should at least try to carry myself gracefully at an international event, I would have finished the entire tray of warm, soft-centered coconut delicacy, leaving none for everyone else}

Thai Northern Style Omelette

{Thai Northern Style Omelette wrapped and cooked in fragrant banana leaf squares}

Siam Niramit Siam Niramit Siam Niramit Siam Niramit Siam Niramit

{Passionately made arts and crafts by hand}

Thailand Minister of Tourism and Sports

{All the above was only the welcome reception. The Minister of Tourism and Sports gave a very touching speech before dinner, which was followed by a *spectacular Thai performance}

*No cameras were allowed into the theater, hence I have zero media content to share. However, as a continuation to the How to Travel Bangkok Like A Traveler and Not A Tourist itinerary, I highly recommend adding Siam Niramit into your list, without missing out on the world-class theater show.


2. Gained deep insights into promoting universal accessibility during World Tourism Day 2016’s official celebration at the magnificent Siam Kempinski Hotel.

Siam Kempinski Hotel

{For the big day, I wore my satin gold Essie dress. Complete outfit details here}

World Tourism Day 2016

{Tourism for All‘s logo color and tagline, a theme that has been debated for long and confidently agreed upon}

World Tourism Day 2016 press conference

{Left to right: A mind-opening press conference with Mr. Marlo Hardy, Chief Executive Officer Pacific Asia Travel Organization, Mr. Xu Jing, Executive Secretary & Regional Director for Asia & the Pacific UNWTO, H.E. General Tanasak Patimapragorn, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, H.E. Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports Thailand and Mr. David Scowsill, President & CEO World Travel & Tourism Council}

Thailand Prime Minister

{Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, whose presence is evidence to support and celebrate the importance of tourism}

According to the H.E., in 2015 Thailand became the most visited country in Southeast Asia, hosting almost 30 million international tourists. However, approximately more than 15% of the world population is people with disabilities and the aging population is rapidly on the rise . . .

World Tourism Day 2016

We all know someone who has challenge when it comes to traveling. i.e. Grandparents on wheelchairs. Yet finding info on accessibility for them is hard, even with the strong presence of social media and travel companies sharing their marketing materials. This presents a big challenge to the global travel industry to ensure equitable and accessible tourism for all.

A handicapped person has pride too. It is not just about having people to carry them around – they might want to do it themselves. A point I can definitely relate to (after this travel agency’s con job) is visa facilitation. ‘Accessibility’ is a wide issue and not just for the blind or old. These are the missing links that Thai tourism is looking into detail and taking action to ensure that their campaign tagline becomes a reality.

World Tourism Day 2016

Travel means freedom and everyone should have the freedom to travel. It is a right of anybody from any nation, religion or sexuality. Not only is it a human right, it is also a business opportunity. Think about the nice resorts you stayed in, to the man who rowed your boat at Myanmar. Tourism has opened up this industry to different corners of the society, including remote areas. In other words, travel takes you around while money makes the world go round.

Siam Kempinski Hotel poolside

{Chilling sessions at the poolside before the next cool agenda}


3. An unforgettable night at the museum.

Bangkok National MuseumBangkok National Museum

{Just like the movie, ‘Night at the Museum’}

Bangkok National MuseumBangkok National Museum

{Awesome idea}

Bangkok National Museum Bangkok National MuseumBangkok National Museum Night at The Museum

{This picture was a silly idea I had where Ruby and I would jump into the camera ‘frame’ and make an immediate pose without thinking before it snaps. This, the result}

Bangkok National Museum

{Even Buddha kinda face palm-ed us}

Night at The Museum

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