Paris in One Day


Who gets enough of Paris in ONE day? NO one. But in case you catch a French wishing star or have the chance to experience this elegant city during a single day transit, here is a travel guide, plus a BIG secret that might just come in handy.

Now I know Paris is famous for its romanticism and rushing through such beauty is definitely a shame – not the ideal way of traveling.  I am also aware that some say it is overrated. How does a place, not a person, carry such a prime personality? After a full day of dashing around Paris, while cruising under the silver sunlight at Champs-Elysée, it hit me – “THIS CITY IS SO ROMANTIC”. I knew I finally got it. Do you?

#TravelCinCity Tip 1:

Don’t go to Paris expecting it to be romantic. Travel like how you would do with any other countries, and its romance will wear itself off to you instead.


Remember the ‘BIG secret’ I was telling you about? In this picture I am sitting on it. It is something I discovered while doing my usual travel research online before visiting a country, and I found this:


Whether you are a tourist or a traveller, the Big Bus Tours is all about efficient traveling. They are available in many countries (San Fran, Shanghai, Istanbul, Dubai; just to name a few) and the BEST part? It has an AWESOME app you can download for free that lists down all the places you can hop on/off, together with their interesting facts so that you won’t miss out on the most important highlights! Here you can also read my unforgettable Berlin experience made possible by the bus.


A ticket costs 26 euros. You can buy them online from their very friendly website to save a few bucks, or from the bus driver at any hop on/off stops (recommended, but WATCH OUT FOR PICK POCKETS because here is where they will victimize you).

Now about 3G connection, which you would most likely need; if you really are only there for a day or two, I’d say opt for data roaming if you are using Maxis (I’m not sure about other telco company’s data plan or services). It only costs RM38 per day, and saves you from all that SIM card hassle that will waste a chunk of your precious time.

#TravelCinCity Tip 2:

I like to activate my international roaming first thing in the morning, so that I can enjoy the full package without losing any data throughout the night. Always switch OFF your 3G when not using, as data runs dry pretty fast when you’re on international roaming.

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post for Big Bus Tours or Maxis.


Wheee~ Now that we’ve gotten that all settled and out of the way, let’s begin our romantic trip together!

I’ve listed down all the key places with Must See (literally means you can just see it without getting down the bus), Must Visit (get INTO that building), Must Eat places and things you Must Shop. From the deck of the bus, snap:


{The Great Palace}


{Military School}


{The Pantheon – Don’t miss Rome’s one here; which I personally favour more}


{This one is self explanatory}


{Fashion post wearing this interesting piece of Parisian Paper Doll dress here}


{A peep under Eiffel’s dress}


{Find a good spot and snap as many pictures as you like!}

#TravelCinCity Tip 3:

Many get over excited and start taking pictures the moment they reach the tower. Don’t do that. Walk further (i.e. the end of the park) to capture the entire tower instead.


{You must visit this grand opera and I will tell you why this Sunday}


{If you are in Paris with the love of your life, lucky you! Buy a lock beforehand and get down at the Louvre museum stop to do this tourist ritual (Big Bus will drop you right at this lovelock bridge named Pont des Arts}


{As for me, this will suffice for now. Check out Venice’s lovelock bridge here and tell me which one you’d prefer: French or Italian?}


Don’t freak out if you don’t see the famous glass pyramid yet. Cross the road to the opposite of Pont Des Arts, and you will see this, the Paris Museum. Continue walking straight and you will soon see:


#TravelCinCity Tip 4:

The painting Mona Lisa is ‘buried’ here. If you have 2 or 3 full days in Paris, do pay her a visit. I so wish I could!


At first, there was a HUGE debate in France whether the country needs such a modern architectural structure in a city that is already so rich in history, etc. Few years later, aren’t they glad they did it anyway, because this building alone received so many visits; it earns France millions every year!


Despite the hurry, this is compulsory because a visit to Paris is incomplete without a teatime session the way our favorite classic fashion icons like Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn did. To get a virtual visit on what’s inside, click here.

#TravelCinCity Tip 5:

To enjoy Angelina’s world famous hot chocolate, switch on your 3G from the Louvre and enjoy a stroll through the beautiful Tuileries Garden to get here. A quick walk takes about 15 minutes.


{Can you miss this Disney classic? No way}


Again, if you have the luxury of 2 or 3 days in Paris, do make this a Must Visit instead of a Must See.


But if you only have one day like me, here is your Must Do task: Find St. Denis’s statue where he is holding his own head. And if you are really in a hurry . . .

#TravelCinCity Tip 6:

He is located at the façade’s left-hand portal.


End your day trip at this spot, the Arc; located at the start of Champs-Elysée. If you are not a shopper, go to the top to enjoy the view of this famous street stretched out right in front of your eyes.


{The arc is located in the middle of a crazy huge roundabouts with 8 exits!}


I refuse to consider my Paris trip complete without walking both stretches of Champs-Elysée to shop, but in the end I only bought an hour glass from ZARA home and:




{Bought me a lavish dinner in Ladurée itself. Please excuse my jet lag face at this point of time}

IMG_5375 IMG_5376IMG_5369

Nothing satisfies me more than finally getting to buy 2 boxes of macarons (and Ladurée candles)!


So if anybody tell you it is impossible to enjoy Paris in one day, don’t believe that. Narrow down your research on what interests you, and make the best out of it. I had the best day in my life.


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