A Slice of Life


There is so much I want to do in this short capacity stretched out in what seems like a long time field. Truth is, life has already been planned out in a few general chapters to be lived on – provided you don’t fall badly ill or get tangled in a mishap. But no matter what, life goes on and there is always a solution for every trouble faced. A simple life is a complicated one to live. To make it easier, you’ve got to always remember to love yourself, and be safe.

I’ve been waiting for somebody I know who’s married for years to tell me she is happy. I’ve seen many happy pictures on Facebook, but I’ve also learned that they don’t always count – after you hear the real story. That’s scary, but just like my anticipation for life; I am excited to open that chapter of marriage and for that day to arrive when we welcome a new member in the family too!

However, in the bigger picture I’d like to be an inspiring mother full of wonderful real stories to tell. While there are pressure in every corner and no air bags to absorb them, I feel very comfortable in the space I am growing to become the woman I wish to be, and I’m grateful for that opportunity. I hope you’re enjoying the process of becoming too – rushing only makes you age faster.

I think the best way to have achieve the above is to be a traveller who exercises the habit to see things through piercing eyes and to open the window of the heart. Embrace different cultures; put on a Mongolian hat. Breathe in deep the air; be it clean or funky. Speak English in a Mexican accent if you have to. Listen to the whispers of the wind to connect with nature. You are here, you are now.

There are still have so many places I want to go and explore or do absolutely nothing at all – and I can’t wait, I can’t wait. I can’t wait yet I am waiting, and I really do feel the world urging me to hurry because it can’t wait for me. Have you ever felt that thug? USA coast to coast, Turkey and East Europe, Fiji and Santorini… Oh life, aren’t you one Big N’ Tasty Mac!

Work. Where would we be without you. Build up of square desks, rectangle black screens, cubicles in tall cubes; busy boxing up the world, imprisoning your captives in cages without bars making them help you go round as they knowingly surrender to life. Here’s one way to make it better:

If you are human, recognize humanity. If you suck at leading, at least learn to have understanding and empathy. You are working with people who has got a life to run simultaneously. Who the hell owes you anything?

Stop writing long winded emails because really busy people don’t. Face a problem, find a solution. Why point fingers? If someone makes work look breezy, it’s because he or she has done a good job; not necessarily because it is easy. Save your bitching and gossiping. Reserve the space in your mind and heart instead for those who matter. Is that the best you can do with your life?

Whisk love, travel and work together, we all have a generic life. How tasty the batter becomes, depends on the depth of your hunger to live with the best version you can be.


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