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Somehow I’ve always had a strong attraction towards real gemstones. There’s something alluring and mystical about ’em that leave me mesmerized evermore.

My curiosity brought me to read up more about the topic and soon I learned that natural gemstones actually take millions of years to form deep in the Earth; which explains why they are normally associated with sincerity and genuineness. Each gemstone made by Mother Nature is unique, irreplaceable and special – just like us, and that’s how they are prized for their beauty, durability, and rarity.


I thought I would never own a set of gemstone accessories until I turn 40 – that is until I chanced upon JEOEL (pronounced Ju-WELL). They have not only combined my newly founded lust for natural gemstones by making them into accessories, but they also offer them at wallet friendly prices! One of the first of its kind store in Malaysia, JEOEL offers natural and authentic gemstones without the hefty price tag.

Each collection is designed to be playful, with a finishing bit of fun to classy women’s daily wear – pleasing to the eyes. Its lower price point means I can afford to buy more varieties to match our different types of outfits!

JEOEL is a sister brand of DeGem and Diamond Platinum, established in May 2014. It started as an online store and has just opened its second outlet in Sunway Pyramid, its first located in One Utama. All products are made from 925 sterling silver accessories in yellow gold, rose or rhodium, with plating to ensure that all products are safe to wear for people who have hypoallergenic reactions to nickel.

In this post, I’ve combined my love for travelling and fashion; putting together some looks on how to look effortlessly fashionable by choosing the right accessories to pack with you before travelling on holiday. Here are my 3 looks to get you inspired:


LOOK I: Carefree Bohemian


“The ‘mondaine woman’ is a lady who not only moves in the fashionable society, but belongs there. As a woman of the world, she encapsulates the meaning of self-representation, defining herself as a matter of mondaine (modern) values rather than just a matter of femininity.”


{Wearing Jeoel accessories, GUESS watch, ZALORA Love Button Down Denim Dress, Clarks ankle boots, handmade hat from Portugal}

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Storytime Charms for bracelets and pendants is a newly introduce beads collection, exclusively available in JEOEL outlets only. 


LOOK II: Fun, delicate and sophisticated – day to night


In Greek Mythology, Briseis, was the princess of a city named Lyrnessus. She’s said to not only to be very striking but also clever. Alas! The single gemstone was a representation of the only heart she had to give, and thus was at the core of a clash between Achilles and Agamemnon that drove the plot of Homer’s great poem – The Iliad.


The Amethyst Mondaine earrings comes in a simple design that captures three stones highlighting a single large gem, making this dangling pair of earrings a unique piece, suitable for the transition from day to night.


{Wearing JEOEL accessories, ZARA dress}

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JEOEL Sunway Pyramid Grand Opening Exclusive: Signature Hexa Set is available in other gemstones too, such as Green Aventurine Citrine, Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Labradorite.


LOOK III: Dainty and sweet with sophistication


Like the sun and the moon, two lovers who rarely meet; always chasing and almost always missing each other. But once in a while, when they do finally catch up; when they kiss, the world stares in awe at their eclipse.


{Wearing JEOEL accessories, ZARA top, Miss Selfridge culottes}

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These natural orange moonstone work great in accentuating your natural beauty during beach holidays when you have sun kissed skin, even with hardly any makeup on!


If you’re not big on gemstones, JEOEL also offers a variety of non-gem items, like this mystical Forest Nymph collection.


Tips on Caring for Your Accessories


  • – Buy small clear plastic bags in different sizes (as shown above) and keep each accessory in ONE bag respectively, especially when it comes to necklaces. That way they won’t get clumped up / broken / scratched. I like to label them with their names as well for easier reference when I use them for my fashion posts!
  • – Practise ‘The Golden Rule’: Take off accessory first before undressing, and put it on last after dressing.


If you’re up for statement accessories with fun, creative designs that are also classic enough for long lasting wear, JEOEL’s outlet in Sunway Pyramid – newly opened on 1st April 2016 with a 360 open concept kiosk – is offering a special code for’s readers!

Quote CINDY1515 at the counter or if you are shopping online, key it in under ‘Voucher Code’ upon checkout to get RM30 discount for purchases above RM150. If you’re heading in store, you get a extra 10% off on top of any offers! Offer is valid from now till 31 May 2016. (Terms & condition apply.)

JEOEL’s outlets location

For Teycindy 1

  • – One Utama: Lot F213, First Floor
  • – Sunway Pyramid: LG1.02A, Lower Ground One Floor

P.S. This post is brought to you by JEOEL, offering natural gemstones designed to be fun and classy; suitable for women’s daily wear or as the perfect gift for loved ones. I hope you are as happy as I am with this new discovery, that gives us more options to adorn our everyday outfits with quality accessories that are affordable.


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