Why You Shouldn’t Shop at ASOS

I lived a bride’s nightmare wide awake and alive, when the ROM (Registration Of Marriage) dress I ordered online didn’t arrive on the date they promised it would. Just imagine a bride without her dress. That’s me . . .


{Image source: ASOS}

It was my first time shopping at ASOS when I purchased this handsome piece above. It clearly said in all its communication that I will be expecting it by or on 22nd April:


 {My delivery address removed from visual for privacy}


{… will be delivered “BY the date stated within your confirmation of order email“, it says}


{No delays, yes?}

For nights I couldn’t sleep because my sixth sense told me something would go wrong, but consciously I tried to remind myself “Don’t be a bridezilla”.

Soon enough, I brought myself to Google the truth about ASOS’s standard delivery service to Malaysia & Singapore, just to learn about how atrocious it is:




{Click visuals for link to original websites}

Worried, I sent an email to its customer service, who told me not to worry and to give it till 10th May:


Then when I lodged a complain on Facebook because it IS 22nd April TODAY . . .


{Are they agreeing here that they are not trustworthy?}

My point is this: If you can’t promise the order to arrive in time, then don’t. Don’t get your customer service to reply me saying “Oh, give it till 10 May” because some people TRUST your word and have no time to wait!

The reason I didn’t choose to pay extra for tracking is BECAUSE their copy is so convincing or should I say, DECEIVING.

Moral of the story? Don’t shop online via ASOS if:

– You live in Malaysia / Singapore

– Are not so rich to pay a chunk of extra dollars for express delivery

– Need the item for a special occasion, even if it’s within the next 3 months


Just thought you girls should know this before splurging on something unreliable and expensive; just to regret it after.

Because money should buy joy and happiness, not unnecessary worries.



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