The Daydreamer’s Road


i found these pictures yesterday in a hidden folder accidentally named ‘Untitled’. Simply looking at them gives me a good laugh to myself. They were taken about half a year ago along a not-so-secret road near Changkat and we fell in love with the name of it, hence the photoshoot. Ahhh~ those were the good times. <3





Ruby | me | Eri

Even though we are close friends, the three of us have never celebrated chinese new year together before. Eri will stay in KL, Ruby goes back to Perlis, while me, my home is at Johor. But thanks to today’s technology (and MAYBANK), we get to send e-cards that come in various templates with horoscope readings to each other, and even stand a chance to receive a RM250 ang pow for the most creative lion dance + many more interesting surprises! If you want to give some Gong Xi lovin’ and Fa some Chai, click the picture below:


新年快乐 & don’t miss this out! 😀

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  1. Muahahaha… Berangan-angan pics… Not bad… =D

    1. marilah kita ramai2 berangan-angan~~

      1. ~_~ *berangan face*

  2. 1st pic so funny love the ‘berangan’ face that ur friend show {red tops}

    1. Well thank you Mimi~ 😉

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