Wedding Cinspirations: The Look


To decide what-to-wear on a daily basis is tough enough, leave alone deciding what to wear on a big day – one such as changing your status from ‘single’ to ‘married’. If you have done that before, you know what I mean. If not, I thought I’d share some insights on how I chose my attire, and why.


As it was only a signing ceremony and not the real wedding celebration, I suppose everyone can agree that it’d be too much to wear a Cinderella gown to a government office (as by marrying a foreigner, I can’t fulfill mine elsewhere).

Secondly, I think it is a fair point to keep in mind that the goal is not to search for the-most-glamorous, but for the-most-ideal; because there will always be a more glamorous dress. However, there is only one you to make it special. P.S. You wear the dress, not the dress wears you.


While curating inspirations on my Pinterest boards, I found myself leaning towards pieces that share either qualities of simple, modern, chic or basic. I was really drawn to the idea of a two-piece like the casual wedding dress (left column) by Carol Hannah or Olivia Palermo’s wedding outfit (center) by Carolina Herrera. However, it was love at first sight with Angel Sanchez’s Fall 2016 bridal pantsuit (top right).

Excited, I purchased a bridal jumpsuit from ASOS and it failed me real bad, like REALLL BADDD, as it only arrived on 9th May when my ROM was on 25th April. Lesson learned for all future brides: Never trust ASOS with their promised delivery date if you aren’t opting for express delivery. -_-

So what did I do as a bride without her dress at the last minute?


{TOPSHOP White Maxi Skirt by Kendall + KylieGuipure Lace Top in Off-white and Crossover Metallic Sandals from ZARA, Ag Jewels earrings from Portugal}

There is an old saying for the bride to wear ‘something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue” on her wedding day. I decided to save the ‘blue’ for the actual wedding day and meanwhile, made do with the lost of my initial dress with some last-minute purchases from ZARA (something new) and a maxi skirt I’ve worn once as part of (something old). Improvisation is key.


I wanted to include some wedding details that ‘secretly’ represent É and I so when he was back in Portugal, I asked for his help to buy me an iconic model of Portuguese jewelery – a pair of Brincos a Rainha a.k.a. Queen Earrings. According to an old tale, the same design was offered to Queen Maria II during her visit to Viana do Castelo. That said, these delicate earrings were definitely the VIP pieces of my overall attire.

The Look:



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