Basic Eyeliner


It is not always that we need a dramatic look on our eyes. More is more, but sometimes less is. On a daily basis, here is how i usually line my eyes to give them definition. i promise you, this simple step makes a whole world of difference to just any look. 🙂


You will need a liquid eyeliner with fine brush to achieve precision; which is important especially when we have Asian eyes. If the eyeliner is thick from the start, it will make you look like you have no eyelids! i am using:

  • CLIO Kill Slim liquid eyeliner

3 Steps How-To:


Draw a very thin line starting from the inner corner. Stop there as shown.


Continue to join line #1, lengthening it till the end of your lash line. Stop there.


Carefully, gently flick your eyeliner brush to create an extended small tail like so. This elongates your eye line.

Fill in any gaps between the line you created and your natural lash line.


And there you have it!


Coming up in next Monday’s beauty post: The Cinderella Look, the most versatile look you can wear from day to night, at parties or even proms that will never let you down. Stay tuned!

Practice makes perfect. 😉

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  1. nice!!!!! but I prefer for the thick line..:D

  2. this technique doesnt work on chinese with epicanthal fold.

    1. then perhaps include this step ( before? 😉

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