Bathroom Essentials


{A clock to watch the time – for those who enjoy their shower time a tad too much . . . just a tad}

My mind wanders aimlessly into grey skies right in front of my closed eyes, yet i can see everything that is lying ahead of me – the smiling deep orange flower; it’s blunt stem ever so slightly buried under a thin layer of sand i flew in from a faraway island, little black stones casually thrown against the window frame, an oil lamp i rarely light its candle within, and a petite glass frame of me, my girl friends, and a weird traveler we met during our trip to Krabi.

The hot water returns my awareness by pouring faithfully like monsoon rain against my back, creating that sensual i-just-wanna-stay-here-forever feeling. i massaged my back with a new favorite body wash, a fragrant musky blend of spices, fruits and herbs that magically awaken any sleeping senses; which reminds me of how a good showering experience could bring the mind, body, and soul together. i’m one again. Ready to conquer the world. The world . . .

The bathroom is the one space in your home that you visit at least twice a day, or even more. Hence i think it is reasonable enough to say that it is a space worth giving a bit more love to. Here are some ideas on achieving that, while still keeping it appropriate for use.


{Fill it with the little (waterproof) things you love that will brighten up your day. As i love traveling, i opt for pieces i collected from my world travels to remind me of the good, fun times}


{Remove the loofah from this picture and you get the equation: 2 – 1 = 0. Although i have to admit that i rarely use it, i must say that it does make a difference to the otherwise very grey tiles}


{Always have a bottle of your favorite body wash. If it happens to be a costly one, have two with one being your favorite from the drugstores. My current favorite is this honey gold ‘rain bath’ by Neutrogena}


{The ultimate favorite item in my bathroom turns out to be this simple single flower from IKEA. Somehow, it always makes me smile and i have no idea why}


{An after-shower experience should continue flowing instead of allowing it a sudden ‘death’. Prepare a fresh clean robe hanged by the door so that it is easy to grab and slip in right after a shower}


{i find the bathroom to be the most suitable place to keep a scale. Reason being, it is the place where you take everything off, making the measure more accurate. Sans jeans, a heavy sequined dress, chunky accessories . . .}


{When night approaches, i love the idea of lighting up scented candles. Candles will never fail to create a warm, romantic ambience; prepping up my favorite space for a promisingly great shower time}


{Another candle in sight, this time in an oil lamp, i keep a waterproof frame preserving moments of my travel (again) and most importantly, those spent with my favorite girl friends}


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