Hot Pink Lips


Want to look like a Korean pop star for a day without going through the plastic surgeries? i’d love to do that for fun! 😀 Though my style is rarely themed sweet and cute, once in a while it is fun to play pretend. When i was a little girl, my mum would let me play dress up with chiffon frocks, pink ribbons, and lace socks. Even though i’m a big girl now, i still enjoy gettin’ pretty. But this time it’s even better, because i’ve been introduced to the magical world of makeup. Today i’ve decided to ride the K-Pop wave (in bunny ears)~!


If you have thinner lips and always dreamed of having a poutier, fuller looking pair instead; this tutorial is for you. Here’s how and what we need to give you ludicrously luscious lips!


  • Pink lip pencil liner (color to suit your lipstick)
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color in #49 Pink Lolita lipstick
  • Sportsgirl LIGHTEN UP lipgloss
  • Chanel POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE (or any loose powder)


Line lips to adjust upper and lower lip ratio to 1:1.5. The thicker the upper lip, the sexier!


Apply first coat of lipstick as base. Make sure to cover the lip liner.


Put a thin piece of tissue paper over lips and press with loose / compact powder. This will make color stay longer.


Apply another coat of lipstick.


Apply lipgloss (only) on the center part of your lips. This will make lips appear fuller.


Finish off with rosy pink blusher, basic brows, double eyelids, and the perfect cat eyes. Add a hint of shimmering white eyeshadow above your cupid’s bow, inner corners of the eyes, and under your eyebrow arch for a more dazzling look!


Adorn your hair with a glitter headband, and your Gwiyomi Pink Bunny look is complete. 😳


Practice makes perfect!


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  1. looking forward to your cooking post tomorrow!

  2. today’s post is about making tea though. hehe!

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