Mid Autumn Tea Party


Mid Autumn Festival has got to be my favorite celebration of the Chinese lunar calendar. The legend of beautiful Chang’er and her romantic love story, sipping hot tea under the big round moon . . . every single element of this festival is purely captivating. When i was young, we used to decorate our garden with colorful candles, walk around the neighborhood with a lantern in our hand gossiping about kids stuff, and cook flowers that sparkle in Milo cans under mini bon fires. Today i celebrate the occasion by preserving as much of the same essentials, but with more sophistication. Embed in this post is also a healthy Gabo Tea recipe by my mother / contributing author for this blog’s food section “Wednesdays with ‘Chef’ Moi“.


Things you need:

  • Moon cakes
  • Tea pot
  • Lanterns
  • Candles
  • Wire
  • Vase + Chrysanthemum flowers

GABO TEA (Serves 4)


2 burdocks
16 dates
6 honey dates
6 dried figs
1 handful Ginseng roots
2L water


1. Scrub burdocks with a brush. Slice diagonally about 0.5cm and soak in water immediately.
2. Add all remaining ingredients into pot.
3. Boil for 1.5 hours.
4. Strain and serve.



The ingredients combination of this tea is known to be detoxifying, nourishing, and even prevents cancer.


Have a lovely Mid Autumn celebration with your loved ones, everyone! 😳

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  1. Happy Mid Autumn to you too! ^^

  2. Where were these photographs taken? Your veranda at home? (: VERY VERY gorgeouss. I love tea parties!!! Think this entry was too cute.

    1. we took them at my boyfriend’s home. ^^

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