Queso con Tomate

If it wasn’t because of a|x i would never have tasted queso, or cheese in this designated way. We were mixing salad one night while i noticed myself stealing chunky cheese cubes from the salad bowl. i wished we were having a cheese salad instead!

Think hard cheese; marinated in a refreshing tomato puree, bathing in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), infused with herbs… Sounds amazing doesn’t it? That’s why i picked this entrée from Asturias as my very first dish from José Andrés’s Made In Spain cookbook:


The actual dish is named Manchego con tomate. i searched high and low for some queso Manchego, but sadly couldn’t find any so i voluntarily settled with :


😀 A smiley piece of queso! 😀




i love this dish so much i could make it again and again (and again). The crunchy, toasted, slightly salted walnuts definitely add texture to this beautiful dish and also give it a touch of nutty flavor that is just right. My kitchen ran out of toothpicks for the cheese; but hey, can you say you wouldn’t steal one dice using just your fingers?


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  1. welcome to the cooking gang. lol.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! ya wei… *hi5* 😀

  3. will feel cloying after so much cheese cubes?

    1. not for me nor my friends so far! 😀

  4. Eh, you 1 eye big 1 eye small, now only realise. hahahaha…. funny.. 😛 😀 o_O

    1. haih what to do~ i’m not perfect but plastic surgery is scary. hahaha

  5. Cheese with Tomato !!! (I understood the title :P) haha~

    How do you make this? It looks soooooo tempting ! 🙂

    1. 😀 it’s very easy but i thought no one will actually follow a recipe online, so… ahhaaha

  6. why you no approve my comment?

  7. What a heavenly combination! Looks like I have to give this a go!

    1. u do! gr8 for parties; esp w/ the toothpicks which i didn’t & still don’t have -_-

  8. nom nom nom… CHEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! me likey… thanks <3 <3 <3

    1. my pleasure honey <3

  9. share you recipe?

  10. Share recipe please. Really want to make this for the bf. He loves cheese 🙂

  11. Nak happy Pasta againnnnnn! *Dro0lssssss*

    1. haha! u kan tau masak~ dah lupa recipe!?

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