The Stitchless Dress

It was one cosy afternoon when i decided to look for my favourite black pen, just to realize i’ve lost it forever. In return, i found a CD. Scribbled on it : from Andrew C. It is one of those things that has always been there right under your nose, but you never noticed it. Awed with my new discovery, i inserted the CD into my MacBook, and found this :










The dress i was wearing has not a single stitch on it. It’s a stitchless dress! We wrapped a generous piece of red cloth around my body, and used a thick gold fabric to ribbon me up. Impressive, huh? i hope you enjoyed my new old found as much as i do. 🙂

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  1. You make me wish I was a girl… kind of!

    I just got off a plane from Rome definitely the most fashionable and beautiful city I’ve ever been to but…why aren’t you signed to Storm or something? You’d knock ’em dead in Europe! Guess it’s a long way from KL!

    Fight the Power!

    1. nah~ i’m not THAT good! lol.. i’m sure Rome was more than awesome. especially the chicks! hahaha! wish to go there someday T_T

      1. Shut your pretty face!

        Bit of mysoginistic British humour for you there!!! Yeah Rome rocks, I went with my sister for her 30th, she lives in Borneo actually so I don’t get to see her much…Food was AMAZING, especially the fish!!!! Girls are super hot there yes, but i’m happy being single right now…love makes my brain hurt!


  2. nice photos but i feel that the post processing it’s abit too aggressive tho.

    1. what does post processing means? wanna try improve on that 🙂

      1. ah, post processing also means “photoshopping” i guess. i think in this case it’s slightly over done making the dress looked a bit less natural. 🙂

  3. Love this sets of photos… lovely dress and i personally like the dress and concept alot… it can be improve better on post processing. hehe.. overall i love it.. especially the first pictures.

    1. hey, thanks Nigel~ glad u liked it 😀 what’s post processing tho?

      1. Post processing is when you pay some guy like me an over inflated sum of money to open up Photoshop and do a bit of airbrushing and colour correction…don’t worry about it, that’s why your pics are so good you look like a human being…just a smokin hot one!

        Kate Moss would be a nobody without airbrushing and expensive me I’ve seen her close up! Pete Doherty looked healthier, and I’m not joking!

  4. Wow!!! I always read ur blog but rarely comment. These pictures screams couture! Gorgeous!

  5. first glance i tot you said shitless dress.. my bad on reading “too fast” .. but i still prefer cloth-less dress rather than stitch-less dress… 😛

  6. The dress .. or should I say, the piece of cloth.. is gorgeous. The deep red is stunning.. btw, i like your heels. where did you get them?

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