Sparkles at Haji Lane

what to wear singapore

Packing for a weekend in Singapore (or Malaysia for my Singaporean readers) is a pretty common scenario for both nationalities. On a recent trip to the neighboring country, I set a ‘How Light Can I Travel?‘ challenge for myself; which goal is to pack extremely light. I planned on outfits that can easily transition from day to night; just like a pair of flats with unique designs instead of slippers, mixed with pieces made of breathable materials that also guard the sun from tanning my arms too much after an afternoon spent walking around Haji Lane and Bugis Street.

what to wear singaporewhat to wear singaporewhat to wear singaporegold sandalswhat to wear singapore

ZARA TRF top (similar here)
ALDO gold sandals (new version here)
MICHAEL KORS ‘Runway’ Chronograph watch (similar here)
TOPSHOP Twinkle Sequin Pelmet Skirt 
H&M nude fringe bag (similar here)
SWAROVSKI silk set 


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