5 Cinspirations

In A Doll’s House.

Just when we unofficially celebrated our homecoming to the comfort of own bed, furry cat and by scheduling tropical barbecues with friends, we received news that É is to return to Berlin (again) for 2 weeks starting tomorrow. Our sauerkraut stay was supposed to be 3 months, cut short by an inch of a long fat wurst, now this appalling news. It really is the last thing I need after spilling my raw heart out. I wish I can return to Malaysia for a break but I am stuck here in Cingapore because Cinga just got neutered and needs to be taken care of for at least 10 days. Someone please throw me a hug and teach me how to comprehend? I know you can’t, or won’t, so here are 5 cinspirations that I hope to keep me company when home alone.

1. Soft Snug slimming hot pants

Soft Snug

{because it makes workouts more effective, so why not?}

If you’re looking for a good pair of hot pants online, slimming pants for big thighs, or even sleeping slimming pants in Malaysia, this might be the one for you. Obviously you can’t just sock in and do nothing, but by wearing it while at the gym, taking a walk at the park or doing house chores boosts your workouts effectively when you’re active. It is made of specially designed fabrics to burn more calories while keeping you feeling snuggly and comfy. Get a pair of here or shop more of their collections here.

2. This Beauty Blender

beauty blender

{I’ve been thinking a lot about bringing my YouTube channel back to life because ‘video is the future’. This makeup sponge will definitely make my foundation application on/off-screen a lot more fun and flawless}

3. This beautiful batik from É’s friend

african cloth

{for being the first and only thing I own from Africa, and because I haven’t figure out where to use it yet}

4. This glass nail filer from Germany

glass nail file

{because despite being German, it is a gift from a friend and not a souvenir I got for myself}

5. Cinga wearing an Elizabethan collar

Cinga E collar

{because this must be the cutest saddest thing in the world}


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