The All-New Cin City

Location: Berlin

A Serious Blog Makeover.


Hi Cin Citizens!

Welcome to the all-new Cin City. I’d shower you with champagne if this was an actual launch party.

After almost a year of recruiting the right people to fabricate my vision into reality, finally it is here, where we are now.

Taking a step back, because I’d like to share with you a bite of the process which you can’t see, I must say that finding honest and patient talents who carry themselves professionally, is almost like searching for a drop of tear in the ocean.

If you are that rare person, believe that someone out there notices you’re special and appreciates you. If you have employees who possess such qualities, don’t take them for granted because they are most likely the most valuable assets in your company.


A slice of my ‘experience’ . . .


I received quotations from startups or worse, junior designers, trying their luck to charge me as if I was some GIANT establishment – I think a smart young company would charge their clients accordingly as it’s a (very) competitive industry. 

I tried working with people who has too much ‘designer attitude’ to listen to your heart’s desire – Where are you going with that, kid?

Twitter, a social media platform I pretty much see as an abandoned child, actually helped me find the designer who is the passion architect of my spanking new virtual diary – If you need help, ask Twitter.

Every two months, the development for Cin City changed hands from one person to the other. Times 2 and that makes 4 months gone, just like that – Good things come to those who wait.

From many day lights sketching and scanning designs back and forth to my designer back in Malaysia, to nights of testing the site in Germany with my loyal front end man, we made it – It takes two flints to make a fire.

Thank you, Vincci and James.


What’s new:

Cin City logo


Just like a new iPhone, this blog is designed with improved UI and UX elements on both desktop and mobile, always keeping user-friendliness in mind so that you can browse articles here with ease.

I hope you like my new travel-inspired logo (É’s idea), which turns out to be so . . . me!

Online shopping is made more accessible to buy the things you like from the blog – instead of finding text links, now you can see the mentioned items under ‘Featured Items’ to click and purchase.

The ‘Food’ category is now categorised into ‘Recipes’ and ‘Reviews’; the former comes with a neat structure separating ‘Ingredients’ and ‘Methods’ in one single section. (My love for food deserves this extra attention.)

And much more for you to explore!


Leave a comment below (with your right email address) and let me know what you’d like to see more of on this blog. It can be a FAQ series, more frequent fashion posts, beauty / hair tutorial, quirkier wanderlust videos . . . any ideas are welcomed!

I’ll select 1 out of 30 commenters, contact you for your mailing address, and a surprise from my European travels will be on its way to you. (:


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  1. Ur avivid fans for year, like ur travel stuff and cinpiration , stick to ur style maybe a link to extra gallery as some like both words and pics

    P/S: nice logo!

    1. Hi Ethan,

      Thank you for being my silent yet loyal read. Loved the extra gallery idea which I never thought about. & glad you like my logo too!

      P.S. As this post unfortunately doesn’t manage to garner 30 comments, I’m sad to say that I won’t be mailing any surprises after all 🙁 Nonetheless, thank you for your support. xxx

  2. Nurlynnie Azzureenie Abdullah on

    I know your blog is already mainly about travels, but I would really love to see a more in depth diary of your traveling… From where you stayed to what you eat or maybe “10 cin-ful delights in (insert country here)”. I reallllyyyy love your travel posts and sometimes I feel like you don’t talk about the destination as much as I want you to. xoxo.

    1. Hi Nurlynnie,

      I can’t help but notice the way your name is spelt – it’s so special I need to type the other part . . . Azzureenie! haha!!

      Thank you for your feedback. I’ll definitely keep that in mind & continue to make my travel direction more unique & in depth, like your name 🙂

      As this post unfortunately doesn’t manage to garner 30 comments, I’m sad to say that I won’t be mailing any surprises after all 🙁 Nonetheless, thank you once again for taking the time to leave a comment here. xxoo

  3. 9 years as silence reader, love every bits in this blog!! My daily doses of reading, and awesome new layout, it makes mobile reading better. Keep rocking Cindy!!

    1. Thank you, Fina! 9 years is a very, very long time . . . Longer than some of the friendships I have! That said, hopefully we will be able to meet each other one day 🙂

      Your support makes me want to continue writing more often, as sometimes I get tired too. I’m glad the new layout enables you to enjoy reading this space better.

      P.S. As this post unfortunately doesn’t manage to garner 30 comments, I’m sad to say that I won’t be mailing any surprises after all . . . Hope I didn’t disappoint too much. xo

  4. Hi Cindy! hope you are well. Personally, i like reading your more personal, reflective type posts where you share your more intimate, difficult experiences in life, things like career troubles, relationships, confidence issues etc.

    I like your blog (been reading many years) because you really have been through many ups and downs but it always, always ends with a positive note, even of your sadder posts regarding relationships breakups etc, and it always leaves me feeling inspired.

    So more personal posts please :))) What is really going on in teycindy’s life?! Love the new layout btw, it looks great. All the best 🙂

    1. Hi Prav!

      This post unfortunately doesn’t manage to garner 30 comments, so I’m sad to say that I won’t be mailing any surprises after all. But if it did, it would have gone to you! Reason being, no reader can leave a comment like yours unless they did follow me throughout the years.

      I am very glad that you wrote to me, knowing that I have a reader like you (though silent, but there!), & that I can to leave some cinspiration lingering near you if & when you need some.

      Rest assured I’m taking your suggestion into consideration about the personal posts – I’ll be thinking of how I can churn that into content that is not too . . . self-absorbed. haha!

      All the best to you too, Prav. xxx

  5. Hi Cindy!

    Loving your new blog layout! It gives your blog a really fresh and chic outlook. I have been reading your blog since always,

    I’ve always admired your ability to live your life to the fullest. So could you please share more personal post and food recommendations on places you’ve visited!

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Thank you & I am so glad that you love the layout, hopefully as much as I do too! A bigger thanks for your loyal support, though silent but consistent. Do write in more often if you like to 🙂

      Personal post & food recommendations it is! Sending my regards from Berlin to you. x

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