5 Cinspirations

To my loving husband who tries his best to make any place a (happy) home for me.

1. This Mediterranean breakfast

mediterranean breakfast

{because this Instagram-worthy food layout was prepped by É + there’s no place in Asia you can get quality cold cuts and cheeses in affordable prices – this the time to enjoy them}

2. Long, lazy weekend mornings

Sunday morning

{because bed is the best place on earth}

3. This towel bear I sleep with every night

Euskal Linge bear

{because É sneakily tucked it into his suitcase before we left Cingapore, and to find it here all the way in Germany gave me tears of happiness}

4. Spending our day at Neues Museum


{because seeing the deep-blue glazed Ishtar Gate of Babylon within a building is really a sight to behold}

5. Our first Netflix and chill session together

Netflix and Chill

{for finally updating us with the hype of everything Stranger Things}


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