5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 precious cinspirations that sum up a good week filled with moments made of nostalgic company and my favorite food + drink, which I’m gonna miss so much while being away in a foreign land for a month.

1. Ain’s raya open house

raya open house

{for reuniting Class 2007, reliving good ol’ Tasmanian times, with the addition of new members a.k.a cool spouses}

2. This bowl of noodle soup with rice wine

go noodle house

{for making me lusting over it for days on end, right after having my very first bowl}

3. This bottle of soju


{for making me LOL because it is 17.5% alcohol, which also claims to be 100% ‘pure mineral water’ (see: top left)}

4. My friend Sarah’s gorgeous garden-themed wedding reception

gigi hadid topshop dress

{and this hair do + glittery dress that comes with ample space for food}

5. This scrabble game with good company


{for allowing me to play absently yet emerging as champion once again}


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